Brian McCarthy and Lindsey Bowers

Lindsey Bowers and Brian McCarthy, Reporters

When he is not chilling in the back of a classroom playing computer games, you can find junior Brian McCarthy reading a book or writing in a journal. McCarthy describes himself as a hard-working and smart student with a passion for writing. He thoroughly enjoys being on The Sentry staff and is beginning his second year as a reporter. However, when it comes to future jobs, journalism was not mentioned.

“I want to own a business, maybe in the marketing field. I’m not sure, but I want to own my own business,” McCarthy said.

In addition to his entrepreneurial interests, McCarthy also likes to try interesting foods. He once ate a massive donut with more than ten toppings. On the donut, He especially liked the M&M’s, Swedish Fish and chocolate chips. Brian also enjoys eating home-cooked meals with his family. When asked his favorite, he came up with a well-known classic.

“I like when my dad grills steak,” McCarthy said.

McCarthy also enjoys going out to restaurants. Some of his favorite places to eat are in Bethany Beach, at restaurants like Mangoes and Bethany Blues. During the summer, McCarthy’s favorite place to be is the beach. He loves to walk around town and shop along the boardwalk. He also enjoys an occasional Kohr Brothers ice cream cone. Although he loves the beach, it is also where his biggest fear resides.

“My biggest fear is sharks,” McCarthy said.

When he wakes from his nice slumber after a full day at the beach, McCarthy’s mornings are like most others. He rolls out of bed and into the shower. After he showers, he continues with brushing his teeth and gets dressed for the school day. Quite an eventful morning for a high school student. You will often see McCarthy sporting a graphic t-shirt and khakis or athletic shorts.
When asked whether McCarthy prefers Coke or Pepsi, he was very firm about his answer.

“I never drink soda,” McCarthy said.

After more questioning about this topic, it was obvious that McCarthy is a strict water drinker. When asked about various juices or seltzer waters, he was still loyal to his favorite drink, water.
McCarthy’s life has been quite an adventure. He hopes to continue this throughout his future years, always with no regrets. He has a reserved personality, but once opening up, he is truly a wonderful and funny guy to speak with. The Sentry is lucky to have such a dedicated student and writer on staff this year.



Senior Lindsey Bowers joined The Sentry when she was a sophomore. Now heading into her third year, she has risen to become the Photography Editor for the Sentry. When asked what inspired her to join, she said  she was inspired by her former English teacher.

“I joined because Ms. Wiedemann recommended it and she said it would be fun. I’ve also heard great things about it, so it did not take much convincing,” Bowers said.

Outside of school, Bowers has many interests that range from sports to helping out in the community.

“I like swimming, I’ve done it for a while. I also volunteer at the nursing home sometimes as well,” Bowers said.

These activities, among others, led to a busy and exciting summer for Bowers.

“I worked as a nanny. I went to the beach a couple of times. I went to Smith Mountain Lake with my friends and I swam with my swim team, Overlee,” Bowers said.

Unfortunately, Overlee’s legendary swim team lost the Division 1 championship to its greatest rival Chesterbrook this year. Bowers was able to handle this devastating loss due to her being a self-described vibrant and relatable person.

“I’d say outgoing and friendly. I’d also say personable, I’d like to think I’m pretty easy to talk to,” Bowers said.

Despite her extroverted personality, she is still in the process of figuring out what she wants to do when she is older.

“I don’t really know. I might want to do some entertainment marketing or sports marketing,” Bowers said.

While she does not have the answer to the question of her future employment, she does have the answer to the most critical question we all have to answer: where would you travel to if you had a time machine

“I would travel to the 1950’s because it sounds so fun. People would always take walks by the river. It’s really light-hearted. You go to the drive-in movies. It’s just cool,” Bowers said.

She also is a huge fan of the music from that era, as her favorite song is a Van Morrison classic.

“My favorite song is Brown-Eyed Girl,” Bowers said.

However, her love for that song is eclipsed by her immense hatred of another particular habit.

“Chewing. When people chew with their mouth open and they make a lot of noise, I get very angry. My dad does it and it makes me really angry sometimes,” Bowers said.

Understandably, Bowers would like to live in a world where such obnoxious habits do not exist. So, if she were to switch lives with one person for a day, she would switch with someone with the influence to make such radical change possible.

“I’d want to do something where I could do whatever I want. I guess I would say Oprah, she has a really cool life. She has a lot of people who work for her and she can do whatever she wants to do,” Bowers said.

Oprah is known for her incredibly popular talk show, which many attribute to her fascinating personality. Who knows– maybe Bowers will follow in her footsteps. For now, she will be a productive photographer for the Sentry.