Louisa Currie and Elizabeth Koumans

Louisa Currie and Elizabeth Koumans

Elizabeth Koumans, known by most as Lizzie, is a new addition to The Sentry  you will not want to miss. As a Swanson graduate and pianist prodigy, Koumans brings a bubbly, kindhearted vibe to the staff. To sum it up, she can be described as dedicated, silly and a complete perfectionist.  These traits come from an important person; her mother.

“ She is hard working and has all those aspects that someone looks up to. She’s smart, helpful and puts other people first. Her job is actually at a change making organization where they fund people who are trying to make change in the world and I have always been inspired by that,” Koumans said.

Koumans is motivated by many influential women and if she had to spend a day with just one of them, Serena Williams would be her first choice.

“She’s so inspiring and I don’t understand how she balances so much in her life. She just had a daughter and she’s already back in the spotlight and all the tennis competitions all over the world. I find her dedication to tennis really incredible. Even if I’m not dedicated to tennis, I can relate it to other aspects of my life. I think it’s amazing that she is able to work that hard and be that good at something she really loves,” Koumans said.

When Koumans is not making big plans to change the world, you can catch her on the soccer field or on the track. Travel soccer is one of Koumans passions, along with our school’s cross country team. Piano is a big part of her life as well, as she has been playing since first grade and is extremely talented.

Koumans definitely considers herself a cat person and she would easily trade places with her two beloved ten year old cats, Michelle and Wendy.

“They lounge around all day and I wish I could live like that, they’re playful as well,” Koumans said.

This past summer Koumans was not just lounging around, she vacationed to a special place. China hold an important spot in her family history.

“This summer I went to China with my family and grandparents. My whole family has a history in China you could say, my parents met in Hong Kong and my grandfather is a professor of Chinese economics. My sister and I had never been so they took us to China.”

A traveler, star sports player and driven reporter Koumans is a perfect addition to The Sentry. The 2018-2019 staff  has an amazing new reporter who is sure to brighten everyone’s day!



Senior Louisa Currie may be beginning a new school year, but she is certainly no stranger to The Sentry. This year, Currie is closing out her high school career as the Style Editor after working avidly for the last two years as a reporter. After hearing from her older siblings who wrote for the newspaper, Currie thought she would give it a try.

“It’s a really good community. I had heard about how fun the class is and I really wanted a class like that, where I could meet people and have fun,” Currie said.

After joining in her sophomore year, Currie quickly found her love for writing in the style section, as it is what she mainly reads outside of school. This year, Currie finally got the chance to contribute even more to her favorite section of the newspaper by becoming its editor. Currie is excited at the new opportunities this will bring.

“I think being an editor gives you a lot of freedom and since it’s a student-run class, you can change things up and introduce new concepts,” Currie said.

Outside of working with The Sentry, you can catch Currie playing field hockey, another passion of hers. After making the freshman field hockey team when she was in eighth grade, Currie quickly fell in love.

“I have been doing it for five years and it’s the best thing ever, so many of my friends are from field hockey,” Currie said.

As well as being an exceptional field hockey player, Currie also enjoys playing with her dog and jamming out to music in her free time. When asked what she would bring with her if she was to be stuck in a room all day, Currie said she would let her furry friend tag along.

“I would bring my dog Felix because I love him and I would bring my speaker because I love listening to music,” Currie said.

In addition to missing her dog when she leaves home after high school, Currie will also miss the high school experience. As Currie starts out her senior year, she took a moment to reflect.

“I’m just proud of making it through the last four years,” Currie said.

For many high schoolers, junior year is the most stressful and exciting, with lots of testing and college searching, but for Currie, the past year flew by.

Not only is Currie looking back at her years of high school, but she is also looking forward to her future; she hopes to take a gap year before continuing her education into college. Currie would like to travel to different countries and participate in service work during her year off.

“I feel like that will help me figure out what I want to do when I get to college,” Currie said.

This talented field hockey player and fun-loving Style Editor of The Sentry is surely someone you need to know. Currie’s positive and fun aura is sure to brighten The Sentry for another year, even if it is her last.


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