Holiday Birthdays: A Gift or a Curse?


Bergen Romness

Despite the negative aspects, those with holiday birthdays would not change it for world.

Caroline Boda, Sentry Staff Reporter

During one of the most hectic seasons of the year, it can be easy to feel empathy for those who have a birthday amidst this busyness. Although there is a common stigma around birthdays in late December, many individuals with these holiday birthdays have a different perspective. While some may think that the festivities of the holiday season take away from the excitement of a birthday, sophomore Dilara Ozbilgin believes quite the opposite.

“Because it is a holiday, my entire family is able to be together. I never have school so I have nothing to stress out about on my birthday. I enjoy having my birthday near Christmas because it’s a really fun time of year,” Ozbilgin said.

Being born during the holiday season allows for a well-deserved break that falls on your birthday as well. While most students are obliged to endure a grueling day of school on their birthday, those born around the holidays are not distracted by this.

“Having my birthday on Christmas is the best because I’m surrounded with family and don’t have to stress about school since I’m on holiday break,” junior Sarah Murphy said.

Among the many benefits of a holiday birthday, however, several negative aspects are evident as well. Having a birthday over a school break often means that many friends are out of town because of the holidays. The frequent traveling of the Christmas season often hinders the ability to host a birthday celebration.

“I have never been able to do anything with friends on my birthday because most people are busy around this time of year,” Ozbilgin said.

While most get to enjoy their birthday and the holidays separately, those with birthdays in late December celebrate them during the same time of year. This can frequently distract from the excitement of an individual’s day and shift the focus to the holiday season as a whole.

“I do like having [my birthday] near Christmas, but it means that I have to wait a year for both at the same time,” senior Grace Allen said.

Despite the negative aspects, those with holiday birthdays would not change it for world. While many believe that the dazzling lights and festive celebrations of the Christmas season minimize the specialness of an individual’s birthday, most believe the festivities merely add to the excitement of their day. Those with holiday birthdays suppose the thrill and adrenaline that is evident in the weeks of December is not, in fact, in preparation for the day of Christmas, but is instead for the annual day to celebrate them as an individual.