Inside Arlington’s Hottest New Restaurant

Inside Arlington’s Hottest New Restaurant

Located in the heart of Arlington county is a cozy, culinary oasis featuring the finest local cuisine. While it doesn’t have a Michelin star yet, this restaurant is brimming with America’s finest culinary confections. From an impressive display of fresh local fruits to the innovative deconstructed salad bar, this up-and-coming restaurant is sure to please any customer’s taste buds.

A problem many people find with other fine dining places is the exorbitant prices. A waiter brings a massive plate out, only for the taster to find two bites of pasta in the center of the dish. Along with an unsatisfied stomach, customers are hit with a check of hundreds of dollars. Essentially, one can either afford to visit a Michelin star restaurant or go to college.

While the eatery being reviewed today is worth a pretty penny, it doesn’t actually cost one. Plates overflow with delectable, handcrafted pieces sure to fill you up. The servings may be grand, but the price is quite the opposite. Coming in at around two dollars per course, this restaurant claims the best prices of the region.

A review of this restaurant would be incomplete without discussing the ever changing daily specials. A recent delicacy was petite chicken cutlets crusted with panko crumbs, complemented by a fresh rainbow salad. Such an extravagant meal wouldn’t be complete without a dessert, which was an authentic french pastry round with luscious cacao morsels.

A meal with this many flavors deserves a drink to accompany it. The restaurant does not disappoint, with an extensive drink menu ranging from emulsified fruit medleys to lait de vache infused with premium chocolate.

While some brasseries struggle to deliver meals to tables on time, this restaurant does not make one suffer the same fate. The second you order your meal, you have it in your hands. The service is simply unbeatable, and outshines virtually every other place in the metro area.

You must be thinking that such a place couldn’t possibly exist. While this sentiment is understandable, this bistro is as real as it gets. Not only are the confections perfection, but the location is superb as well. In fact, the location is part of the reason the restaurant mainly attracts students.

Situated in the center of Yorktown High School, this restaurant is your next must-see place. Some call it school lunch, but it is so much more. Nowhere else does the culture and traditions of Arlington shine quite as bright as the Yorktown cafeteria. Next time you’re in the Yorktown area, make sure to drop by the school’s grand lobby, grab an elegant visitor pass, and wait in the queue for a once in a school year meal.

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