The Ickiest Advice For Incoming Freshman

The Ickiest Advice For Incoming Freshman

Welcome, incoming freshman, to Yorktown High School! As seniors, we welcome you with open arms as you embark on your four year journey. Though the high school experience is very exciting, it can be stressful and difficult to navigate. But don’t fear, the seniors are here! As we leave our spots to you, we also thought we could leave some advice so every freshman can enter the Yorktown doors with confidence.

First let’s talk about what you should say at Yorktown. High school has a lot of older kids, so it is important to fit in linguistically. As freshmen, you are the children of the school. But, if you change how you talk, you won’t be treated like one. Everyone has their own sense of humor. This can be awkward when you make a hilarious joke and no one laughs. Instead of letting it pass, it is better to explain the joke in detail and force your friends to understand it. This way, they find it funny and learn something new. High schoolers love friends that prioritize their learning.

Another great way to strengthen your relationship with people is by correcting their every misspoken word. Even though everyone fully understood what they were trying to say, they didn’t say it right, and, therefore, must be corrected.

Again, we all love learning new things. If you are trying to make friends, find someone in the halls wearing a shirt with your favorite sports team on it. Then proceed to ask them if they know five players on the team. This way you can strain out students that are liars and pretending to like the same team as you. There are a lot of fake people at Yorktown and it is important to identify them as soon as possible for your own safety.

If you are looking to spread your voice in the classroom, we have some important tips. First, don’t talk when class is in session. You don’t want to be talked over by other students. Instead, wait till class is quiet. Open up your scariest video game and react to it in front of the class. Even a little grunt can grab your class’s attention.

Next, let’s talk about what you should wear: What you see around the halls of middle school will not be acceptable at Yorktown. We have a very strict, hidden dress code. So even if it doesn’t say what you must wear on paper, there is a curriculum to being accepted visually. The first must have, specifically for boys, is black sneakers. We suggest the Nike Air Force 1 ‘07, and if you can’t afford them, spray paint your old sneakers black. Another important part of the feet is how you wear your socks. The Vans Peek-A-Check Crew Sock is a must-have. With a checkered rim, they have the it factor to assert your authority in the Yorktown Hallways. If you can’t get your hands on these –they are very popular– you can settle for high rise Nike socks. Make sure, no matter what socks you wear, they are pulled as high as possible, with no slack.

Our next go-to item is universal for all genders: jorts. Now these aren’t ordinary jorts, they are European jorts. Rolled at the ends and almost skin-tight, these shorts are perfect for all seasons. With your socks pulled up, these shorts will show off just enough while keeping you warm. They are simple but easily make people look like they have style. The last clothing item that we suggest to all freshmen is a loose tank top. Having tight shirts can be distracting to anyone, so we recommend freshmen to wear a loose tank top. We want to see your personality. Not your body. If you like to express yourself through clothing, you can always enhance your shirt with a fun pattern, like stripes, or plants.

We understand that high school is the time for romance. PDA is everywhere to constantly remind you that you must be in a relationship to be accepted. It can be difficult to get into a relationship so we have crafted some techniques to lock up your crush. The first part of flirting is talking on snapchat. We suggest you send your crush a photo of your face with the text “wyd” over your face. This stands for “what are you doing?” and will show your crush that you are interested in their life. Not only are you asserting your spot in their life, but also showing off your beautiful face. Another thing to text you crush is “that’s lit.” “Lit” might be considered an old phrase, but we have tested it, and the teens love it. Even one of our writers received a text like that two weeks ago and didn’t lose feelings for the guy at all. In fact, she likes him even more!

Our final section of advice includes what you should do at Yorktown to secure your spot as a normal student. The halls are very packed, making it difficult to get to class. We advise that students run through the halls as fast as possible. In doing so, your backpack will bounce up and down, attracting the attention needed for people to move out of the way. You will look committed to school, and, therefore, cool.

As a freshman, you will take gym class. It is dire that you try your absolute hardest at gym. The more you sweat, the cooler you will be. Some of our best moments during freshman year was when someone asked why we smelled bad at the end of the day, and we had the opportunity to brag about our gym class.

Speaking of smelly, welcome to the section on football games. As a freshman, you are a nobody at football games. You won’t be seen, respected or talked to. That is why it is important to make yourself seen. Show up early to the game and claim your spot in the senior section. Once you are there, you can’t be thrown out because it is first come first serve. Then, make sure you take up enough space to stand comfortably. No one wants to be squashed in the stands, so if you take up space before people arrive, you will avoid this problem. The most important part of football games is making noise. Be the loudest person in the senior section. This will show all the seniors that you are worthy to be in their area and one of them.

Our last advice is to spread this article to all your friends. Freshmen are pushed down so easily. So, become one strong unit and conquer the school together. The seniors at Yorktown wish you luck next year. Have fun, meet new people and listen to our advice!

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