What Are Hall Roamers Up To?

Yorktown students walking in the hallway
Yorktown students walking in the hallway
Ellie Prantner

Ever wondered what goes on in the halls during class? Every school contains a select few students who will designate some of their time to the halls. Some may be executing a class project. Others may be taking a leak. So what is our school doing in the halls? Let’s ask.

Juniors Charlotte Bowman and Shabana Safi were reportedly searching for inspiration for a photography project on the second floor.

“We’re going around to teachers. It depends on where [they] are,” Safi said.

When asked if they planned on roaming the halls for a while, Charlotte put it into different terms.

“We’re always looking for more photography opportunities,” Bowman said.

A little ways down the hall, sophomore Anna Lobe was working on a similar task.

“Right now, I’m listening to Still Ill by the Smiths walking and around with my friend for Photography,” Anna said.

We’re sensing a theme here. Photography appears to have frequent means to roam the halls.

On the contrary, junior and frequent hall roamer Kieran Nakata was found stopping for chicken nuggets in front of the school cafeteria between lunch periods.

“I got hungry, and I was really bored in AP Economics,” Nakata said. 

There’s no shame in being bored in Econ. Kieran also compiled an irrefutable list of preferred hallways to roam and factors to help students judge which hallways are most enjoyable to roam during different times of the day.

“My favorite [hallway] depends on the time of the day. Important factors [are] density of people in the hall [and] if lunch is going on. So [now] maybe the first floor so I can grab food and I can see people during patriot or something. If it’s during class [then] maybe the third floor because [there are] less teachers … I roam frequently,” Nakata said.

Finally, senior Murphy Keller was making his way to physics after making a slight 15-minute circumnavigation of the school.

“I am walking to my class from my friend’s Gourmet Food class that I wanted to walk with him to. After lunch I took a detour, and am now late to my Physics class,” Keller said.

Worth noting is that the ratio of students with hall passes to students without hall passes remained 3:2.

It is safe to say that our school is up to some big things in the halls. Whether fulfilling a pre-lunch craving or listening to their favorite tunes, our school’s students always have places to be.

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