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The student news site of Yorktown High School

Yorktown Sentry

The student news site of Yorktown High School

Yorktown Sentry

One Day Issue 2024

Yorktown students walking in the hallway

What Are Hall Roamers Up To?

Olivia Hays, Reporter April 18, 2024

Ever wondered what goes on in the halls during class? Every school contains a select few students who will designate some of their time to the halls. Some may be executing a class project. Others may be taking a leak. So what is our school doing in the...



Yorktown, Fitted Finally, in the Heart of Bad Fashion
Elijah Dale, Head Editor April 8, 2024

The bell rang; the students fell into their chairs, and lights began to appear through the halls… “And this also,” said Josh Bodenstein suddenly, “has been one of the poorly dressed places of the earth… We live in the flicker—may it last as...

Maceo Carter-Ways Jr. and Captain posed in front of our schools cafeteria.

The Inaugural Security Guard Olympics Take Place At Yorktown High School

Ryan Pericak, Reporter April 8, 2024

Although the Olympics are only once every four years, two of our school’s security guards participated in their own Olympics during second period. Security guards Yannick “Captain” Tanda and Maceo Carter-Ways battled it out in an epic 3-point contest.Captain...

The Ickiest Advice For Incoming Freshman

The Ickiest Advice For Incoming Freshman

Sarah Friend, Reporter April 8, 2024

Welcome, incoming freshman, to Yorktown High School! As seniors, we welcome you with open arms as you embark on your four year journey. Though the high school experience is very exciting, it can be stressful and difficult to navigate. But don’t fear,...

Collin Damato on the Yorktown GYM Basketball Court.

Gym Class Heroes: 2024 Edition

Andrew Cole and Samson Schneider April 8, 2024

Boring. A Waste of time. Gross. These are all adjectives used to describe gym class by many Yorktown students. However, for the select few that take gym seriously at our school this could not be further from the truth. For Collin Damato and Nate Randles,...

A Yorktown Sentry One-Day Madlib

A Yorktown Sentry One-Day Madlib

Katelynn Cox, Reporter April 8, 2024

**not based on true events**

Mr. Bridwells student coffee bar

A Definitive Ranking Of Our School’s Top Classrooms

Sameer Jones, Reporter April 8, 2024

Your impression of a class is heavily influenced by the setting in which you work. In a 180-day school year, students become accustomed to spending a lot of time in a specific room. Here are some of the most interesting, inviting and pleasant classrooms...

New York Times Games options.

A New York Times Games Craze Takes Over Yorktown

Avery Ryder, Reporter April 8, 2024

The New York Times (NYT) has been famously releasing their daily crosswords since 1942. But within the past ten years, their online Mini games have been an obsession for many readers across the country.If you have been paying attention this school...

Atrium stairs: Whats Up With The Clogging?

Atrium stairs: What’s Up With The Clogging?

Harper Kois, Reporter April 8, 2024

The students and staff of our school are constantly at the mercy of the poor design of the atrium staircase. Students are frequently rushing to their classes after being stuck on the staircase. The crowding between floors causes even more frustration...

Students working in our schools library

How To Utilize Our Library’s Resources

Brendan Schmitt, Reporter April 8, 2024

A lot of students at our school tend to overlook the resources that our library provides, whether it’s the books themselves or the research sites the library offers. Students can also use the library as a place to study if they want somewhere quiet....

Starbucks hot and cold drink selections.

Yorktown Sentry’s Starbucks Menu Recommendations

Katherine Schmitt, Reporter April 8, 2024

With a Starbucks location only a few minutes from Yorktown, you will likely see many students around school with one of the drinks. Starbucks’ menu offers lots to choose from and deciding can be a challenge. Here is a guide of popular choices to help...

The Battle Of The Buns - A List You Can Crust

The Battle Of The Buns – A List You Can Crust

Jackson Weber, Reporter April 8, 2024

Everyone knows that a meal isn't complete without the right piece of bread. This fact holds true here at Yorktown High School (YHS), with every meal having a healthy helping of carbs. However, something is a-rye with the bread at our school and not all...

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