Intramurals Bring All Sorts of Spring Sports to Yorktown

Yorktowns weight room hosts a weightlifting intramural
Yorktown’s weight room hosts a weightlifting intramural
Ellie Prantner

After school, the fields are packed. The girls soccer team is preparing for their game, boys lacrosse is running drills, and the baseball players are carrying their gear onto the field. However, inside the gym is a hidden gem of our school’s sports: intramurals. Intramural sports are an opportunity for students to play to build stronger friendships and refine their skills in a low pressure environment. Students are able to attend whichever days they choose, which relieves the pressure that typically comes with being on a club or school team.

Aside from the year-round weight room intramural, our school offers activities in the gym during the spring semester. Initially, three intramurals were offered: pickleball, boys volleyball and futsal. According to Michael Crewfeld, the Director of Student Activities, the sports that become intramurals are typically non-varsity sports and determined by student interest and involvement.

“Most of the time, the reason that we start any type of intramural is because of expressed student interest. A few years ago we had kids that wanted boy’s volleyball, so we gave them a day. They were really committed, so we gave them two days,” Crewfeld said.

For Jeff Klein, an English teacher and third-year sponsor of the boy’s volleyball intramural, giving students the freedom to play despite not having a varsity boy’s volleyball team does not go unappreciated. As a former Varsity Volleyball coach, Klein likes the balance between varsity level and open gym style playing that intramurals provide.

“We have some skilled players here. Even though we don’t have boys volleyball as a varsity sport, it’s nice to give them an opportunity to play,” Klein said.

It’s because of teachers like Klein that intramurals can take place. Along with expressed student interest, having a teacher to supervise the sport is key to determining which sports our school can offer as intramurals.

“Teachers are stretched really thin with their main paying position, so they are not doing the intramurals for the money. They’re doing intramurals because they enjoy seeing students engaged in activities,” Crewfeld said.

Students—like junior Wade Young—that participate in boy’s volleyball recognize the importance of interested students giving after-school intramurals a try.

“I think [intramural volleyball] is great, but I think it would be even better if more people would come,” Young said.

Even though the boy’s volleyball intramural has been popular enough to sustain the activity, not all intramurals are lucky enough to remain on the schedule. Pickleball was introduced as a new intramural sport this year, but due to lack of student participation, it was removed from the schedule.

“We had students come forward and ask about pickleball. The only time we could do pickleball, besides P.E. classes, were during the spring intramurals. So we provided them an opportunity, and so far we’ve had nobody show up. So, pickleball is now done,” Crewfeld said.

On rare occasions, however, the activities office will provide unrequested intramural opportunities in hopes of gaining student interest. Next year, Crewfeld hopes to introduce girl’s flag football in the late fall.

“I feel like if we put it out there and had women’s flag football for a couple weeks, I bet we’d get enough girls to make it fun. If not, so be it. There’s no skin off our nose to offer it,” Crewfeld said.

Keep an eye out for future intramural activities next school year and give this spring’s intramurals a try, so more opportunities can be offered in the future.

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