Scarlett Gray & Johnas Sadauskas

Scarlett Gray & Johnas Sadauskas

By Johnas Sadauskas

Staff Reporter

Scarlett Gray is a delightful individual who loves dogs, culinary arts, and the unique story behind her name. Get ready to discover the colorful world of Gray.

Dogs hold a special place in Gray’s heart. “I have a goldendoodle and she is my favorite, so I would say mini goldendoodle,” Gray said.

Gray has a close-knit family. However, she also considers her mini goldendoodle, Penny, as part of the family. “I have one pet, her name is Penny and she is a mini goldendoodle. She looks like the rest of my family because she has blonde curly hair,” Gray said.

Gray’s culinary favorite is fried rice. She has a strong desire to bring this delectable meal back into her regular dining rotation.

“Ohh, probably fried rice. I used to make fried rice once a week throughout all of quarantine, and it was delicious,” Gray said.

Gray’s name, interestingly, is a connection with her parents’ Ohio colors, scarlet and gray. Both of her parents attended Ohio State University, and they found it amusing to name her Scarlett. Her last name is simply “Gray.”

As I got to know Gray, our conversation helped me know who she is, and her dog, Penny, is undoubtedly a cherished member of her family. It’s clear that she has a nice personality, a love for dogs, a fondness for fried rice, and a unique name that reflects her family’s Ohio ties.


By Scarlett Gray

Staff Reporter

As a Sentry legacy and the only freshman in the class, Johnas Sadauskas is anything but intimidated.

“I think other people should be intimidated by me,” Sadauskas joked.

This first year photographer is fueled by a love for nature, and his photography resembles that.

“I like photographing random things, but in nature. In my backyard, there’s a statue of a boy and girl reading a book, but I took a photo through a bush. I like the nature factor of having something that shouldn’t be in nature,” Sadauskas said.

The Sentry’s classroom remains, his favorite place on Earth resides 8,000 miles away in Cape Town, South Africa. The delicious food and gracious people hold a special place in Sadauskas’ heart.

Back in Arlington, Sadauskas spends the majority of his time playing soccer, something he’s done his entire life. His love for the sport runs deep, so much so that his dinner guest of choice would be no other than world-renowned soccer player Lionel Messi. Using his lesser known culinary skills, Sadauskas would surely please the palate of the soccer star.

“I would probably make some sort of noodle dish,” Sadauskas said.

Continuing the theme of dreams and aspirations, Sadauskas has carefully crafted his perfect day..

“No school and sleeping until noon. I would probably play a little bit of soccer and then play video games,” Sadauskas said.

Sadauskas loves 80s music and comedy movies. However, the 1990 cult classic, Tremors, takes the spot as his favorite movie.

“There are eight movies, with 10 years between the seventh and eighth movie. The first movie is obviously the best, and the eighth movie was set in Africa, which was pretty bad. It’s about these little things that go underground that look like dodobirds but they eat people,” Sadauskas said.

While Sadaukas loves crazy movies, he despises nothing more than curling up with a good book. Even though books aren’t his thing, that doesn’t stop Sadauskas from dreaming about other places. If Sadauskas had a time machine, he would travel to the early 2000s.

“I don’t think any other time period is that great,” Sadauskas said.

Sadauskas has just started settling into The Sentry, and it’s already his favorite class. A good thing, as his next four years will revolve around this paper and its people. The Sentry is ecstatic for Sadauskas to join the photography staff this year, and can’t wait for what he will do in the years to come.

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Scarlett Gray
Scarlett Gray, News Editor
Scarlett Gray is a junior and this year's News Editor. She spends the majority of her time swimming but also enjoys reading, baking and hanging out with her friends. Returning for her second year on staff, she is so excited to meet all the new reporters and see what stories will be covered!
Johnas Sadauskas
Johnas Sadauskas, Photographer
Johnas Sadauskas is a freshman at Yorktown. This is his first year out of many to come in The Sentry. His out-of-school hobbies are soccer and video games. In one of the games he plays, he is in the top 500 out of 10s of millions.

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