Mary-Frances Dempsey & Andrew Cole

Mary-Frances Dempsey & Andrew Cole

By Andrew Cole

Staff Reporter

Mary-Frances Dempsey is a reporter entering her second year on staff. Dempsey loves to write for the Sentry and is looking forward to being on staff this year. Her favorite section to write for is Style, and she believes there is an ever-growing importance to writing human connection stories.

“That type of journalism is so important and it definitely gets discredited as being more frivolous, but it is really important, especially right now that humans continue to see that even if a person is different from you, they are still a person,” Dempsey said.

Dempsey loves to participate in many activities outside of school, including cheer. Even though she loves being on varsity cheer, she believes the practice schedule for our school’s sport programs are too rigorous and make it near impossible to become a straight-A student.

“I think we could have an even better sports program if we did have less practices because all the studies show that practicing everyday for an extended period of time actually harms team development,” Dempsey said.

Dempsey finds it difficult to balance her social life along with school and sports. However, she attempts to do so nevertheless.

“I would say I balance it by making cheer my social life because there really is no time for me to hangout with people outside of school. My schedule is go to school, and then I have cheer practice for three hours and then from 7:30 to when I go to sleep, I do homework,” Dempsey said.

Although Dempsey spends a lot of time with her cheer friends, she does not neglect her friends outside of cheer.

“For the rest of my friends, I hangout plenty with them during the off-season. I just really have to make sure I am paying attention to them in school and giving them the time that they deserve,” Dempsey said.

Watching movies is one of Dempsey’s favorite things to do in her free time. She does not like all types of movies though.

“I have no in-between. I either like horror movies that are super scary or I like stupid and funny movies and anything in between I am uninterested,” Dempsey said.

Dempsey is extremely well-versed across many disciplines, and her long list of jobs are no exception. She got her start as a freelance makeup artist at age 14 and has continued to find new different jobs at local stores and ice cream shops. Although she has had many other jobs she still continues doing freelance work.

“My first job was actually in make-up. I was hired freelance to do halloween makeup for a party … from there I worked in salons and then I got hired as an Ice cream maker for La Moo,” Dempsey said.

Dempsey has a strong passion for makeup. It all started when she saw the Harley Quinn makeup in the Suicide Squad. She credits social media for the furthering of her passion for makeup.

“I have no idea if I would have gotten as into makeup as I ever did if it weren’t for Instagram and Youtube, because I would watch those long compilations of just all sorts of different types of makeup,” Dempsey said.

Dempsey has been on the staff for two years and believes it is important for new reporters to try new sections, but also write about what they are passionate about.

“For new reporters, I would say [they shouldn’t] be afraid to try new sections because it may be more fun than you think,” Dempsey said.

The most striking thing about Dempsey is her involvement in the community. Dempseys involvement in the Yorktown community is what makes her a strong reporter and a valuable asset to The Yorktown Sentry.



By Mary Frances Dempsey

Staff Reporter

Sophomore Andrew Cole fills many different roles. From spending his whole life in football, to writing music, to expressing his adoration for the county he lives in, he shows great versatility. This may lead to one asking: What is he not? Cole is many things—a football player, a pianist, an Arlington enthusiast—but he is not a slacker.

“Hard work is the number one thing that will get you farthest in life. I feel like you can outwork everybody around you and end up in a good spot no matter what,” Cole said.

His passion for effort can be seen through his most recent accomplishment of making our school’s varsity football team. After long hours of practice, he made the team this past fall. However, his love for the sport began in childhood.

“Every Sunday since I’ve been about five, I’ve watched football.,” Cole said.

Staying active isn’t just tradition for him, it’s a form of meditation.

“Playing football is a social activity first, but also it takes me away from everything that I’m stressed about, like school or friends. Everything,” Cole said.

According to him, Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen is the best player in the National Football League (NFL). He believes Allen could take the team to the Super Bowl this year.

But football isn’t his only area of expertise. Cole continues to impress with his musical abilities.

“I like to write music. I also play the piano a lot,” Cole said.

And if his range of talents wasn’t enough, Cole also has equally exceptional aspirations.

“I’ve always been super fascinated by roller coasters and how people build moving things, so maybe I’ll be a mechanical engineer,” Cole said.

His interests and skills are bound to take him places. However, he admits he will always love Arlington.

“I like Arlington because of all of the people here. It’s where I grew up, so I know everybody here. It’s easy to go outside and see somebody you know. That’s always cool,” Cole said.

Arlington took a hit when Cole’s brother and former Sentry Head Editor, Ryan, left for college. Cole felt that impact, as his brother is a key figure in his life.

“I’m grateful for my brother. He’s always easy to talk to, because he’s kind of close to my age, and he knows what’s going on. But also he’s the one who got me into sports,” Cole said.

Cole is a man of many talents and surprises. We are sure that, like his brother, Cole will leave a lasting impression on all of us at The Yorktown Sentry.

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Andrew Cole
Andrew Cole, Reporter
Andrew Cole is a sophomore reporter entering his first year on the Sentry. In his free time he plays football for Yorktown High School, and enjoys volunteering in the community. His favorite athlete is Matt Milano, and his favorite TV show is The Office. Andrew is excited to write sports and opinion articles this year
Mary Frances Dempsey
Mary Frances Dempsey is a junior and this is her second year on The Sentry. She is passionate about advocacy and was on the news twice for contributing to a change in the APS dress code. In Mary Frances’s free time, she is a varsity cheerleader for the school and works as a professional creative makeup artist.

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