Aidan Lohmeyer, Hewitt Ebert & Charlie Schirmer

Aidan Lohmeyer, Hewitt Ebert & Charlie Schirmer

By Aidan Lohmeyer

Staff Reporter

Whether it’s in the classroom or on the field, Charlie Schirmer always loves to compete. His passion for football combined with a strong work ethic has already made him a force to be reckoned with.

The sophomore Reporter is starting his second year on The Sentry, but he has already established his role in the class. Schirmer exemplifies the best qualities of a writer. His outgoing, friendly presence combined with a steady stream of good ideas has been welcomed into The Sentry family.

His passion for writing, along with a few recommendations, prompted his interest in journalism.

“I know a lot of people in this class. I also joined through connections as well,” Schirmer said.

Applying to college is already on the young Reporter’s mind, as he has his eyes set on hopefully attending the same college as his dad did. Schirmer is looking to continue his passion for journalism through college, and hopefully use his skills in the workforce one day.
“I would definitely want to work around professional sports. Even if it’s not playing, maybe reporting, maybe commentating, pretty much anything following professional sports,” Schirmer said.

Schirmer still has a few years before he heard off to college, however, and he has a pretty good idea of what the average weekend will usually look like

“Normally, I wake up pretty late. Then I’ll go to the gym and then somehow I wind up with my friends later,” Schirmer said.

Being in the gym has helped him get away from all of the stress and energy high school requires, while also staying in shape for his football season.
“It’s been great. I can just go to the gym after a long day and not have to worry about school or anything. I can just listen to music and lift,” Schirmer said.

After the gym, Schirmer does have a meal of preference.

“Probably steak just because it’s simple, but it’s always really good,” Schirmer said.

Schirmer has had more time to spend in the gym recently, after his schedule cleared up a lot over the summer.

“My biggest decision I made this year was quitting baseball. I have played it my whole life, and I have just kind of lost the joy in it and drifted away to not playing it all together,” Schirmer said.

Picking football, the sport that will likely leave him with more bumps and bruises, was an interesting choice, to say the least, considering Schirmer’s hatred for the doctor’s office.

“I am genuinely scared of the doctor’s office. I spent a lot of time there when I was little because I had a couple of surgeries so I don’t like needles, IVs or any of that,” Schirmer said.

While hopefully staying far away from the doctor’s office, the reporter looks to improve his writing this year through covering different and new topics to push himself outside of his comfort zone. We are thrilled to have him on the staff and look forward to what he has in store for this year.



By Charlie Schirmer

Staff Reporter

Hewitt Ebert is easily recognizable by his consistent work on the field and in the classroom. He’s an avid learner, especially when it comes to English classes and reviewing football film after big games.

The junior is geared up for his first year on The Sentry and looking to be a great addition to the class.

“I have a lot of friends that took the class and I’m really interested in writing and reading so I thought it would be perfect for me,” Ebert said.

Outside of school, football and lifting are how he spends most of his time. When asked about his future in his respective hobbies, Ebert is definitely leaning towards powerlifting.

“I don’t really see much ahead of me in terms of football, but in terms of lifting, I don’t think I’m gonna stop anytime soon. I want to go to a college where they have a good team for that and stay consistent in the gym,” Ebert said.

Next summer, Ebert is striving to join a couple of organizations that can get him noticed by colleges. However, past college Ebert isn’t planning on much.

“10 years from now, I probably see myself just working an office job,” Ebert said.

Although he doesn’t have high aspirations in the workforce, Ebert is hoping that the environmental crisis will be handled with or without him.

“If I could change something in the world super easily I guess it would be global warming and pollution and all of that,” Ebert said

A resolution of this problem would be a massive achievement for people. When it comes to Ebert, there’s one point of his life he always reflects on and pride’s himself for making it through.

“[My biggest achievement was] being in the hospital for two weeks in seventh grade getting brain surgery; I had to have two surgeries,” Ebert said.

While in the hospital, Ebert needed a way to pass his time. Since he was unable to do most physical things while recovering, he settled for listening to his favorite artists, trying to figure out who he liked the most.

“I guess rap [is my favorite genre], and for artists, I like Kendrick Lamar a lot, but I’m gonna have to go with Travis Scott,” Ebert said.

We’re overjoyed to have a new writer on staff with an aptitude for writing and researching. Ebert fits the bill perfectly for a journalist and can’t wait to begin writing. He’s looking forward to writing for the sports section the most because of his background knowledge and experience in sports. No matter what section Ebert writes for, it’s sure to be a great read. The Sentry is looking forward to seeing what he has in store.


By Hewitt Ebert

Staff Reporter

Entering his senior year, Aidan Lohmeyer is excited to begin his third year on The Sentry. Lohmeyer enjoys writing in the Opinion section and on sports topics around Arlington. This year brings many new exciting opportunities for Lohmeyer. He can’t wait to improve his writing skills and publish articles for people to read.

Lohmeyer is an academic weapon. When asked if he could obtain any skill imaginable, he briskly responded.

“I feel like if I mastered the ability to perform in school and college,that sort of stuff would lead me to a job and success,” Lohmeyer said.

Outside of school, Lohmeyer loves many things, especially sports, his favorite being baseball.

“This is my fourth year playing for Yorktown. I’ve been playing basically my whole life, and I’ve made so many friends from it. I’ve learned a lot from being on the team,” Lohmeyer said.

“Who’s trying to rob me if I have a pet lion or a pet jaguar? I feel like a really big animal, so nobody would mess with me at all,” Lohmeyer said.

When it comes to his music taste, Lohmeyer has a very wide palate. When asked if he could only listen to one artist for the rest of his life, he gave a very acceptable response.

“If I was going to choose a rap artist then probably Future, I’m a big Future guy. Outside of rap, probably Red Hot Chili Peppers. I’ve always loved red hot chili peppers,” Lohmeyer said.

When questioned about his hypothetical final meal, Lohmeyer shared details about the specific food he would choose. His response provided insights into his preferences and considerations for a last meal scenario.

“I have never turned down a good meatball sub,” Lohmeyer said.

“My drink would be some ice cold lemonade,” Lohmeyer said.

Lohmeyer loves dogs. When asked if he could have any animal for a pet, he enthusiastically replied.
“Probably just dogs. I have two dogs now, and I have had dogs my whole life. They are fun and trustworthy,” Lohmeyer said.

“I have a 2-month-old Border Collie, and then I have a 8-year-old lab mix,” Lohmeyer said.

When questioned about his preferred travel destinations, Lohmeyer unveiled his opinions on tourism. His insights emerged as he shared thoughts on the places he would choose to visit, providing a glimpse into his perspective on the subject.

“I would either go to Sweden or Paris. I feel like those are the two main options. I have heard that Sweden is so beautiful landscape-wise, and then everyone has just got to go to Paris,” Lohmeyer said.

As much as he likes to play sports, he also likes to watch them.
“My dad was born in Boston, so I am pretty much a die-hard Patriots fan, and I just like watching football. Fantasy football pretty much all day everyday. I’m a big football guy,” Lohmeyer said.

Another way Lohmeyer loves to spend time is to watch movies. His favorite being inception.

“The first time I watched it it was mind blowing. I just love that movie. It was my favorite by far,” Lohmeyer said.

When asked about his motivations to join the sentry, Lohmeyer shared insights into what inspired him to enroll in the class. He talked about the factors that led him to become a part of the sentry and discussed the influences that drove his decision to take on this particular course.

“I took this class originally because I heard good things about it. My mom has been a journalist for NPR and Washington Post, she’s been a journalist for her whole life. Inspired by that, I decided to take this class. I just found out I really love writing and it’s a good community that I have made a lot of friends through. I stuck with it for the leadership position in this class so I can make sure all the younger kids have a good experience in this class,” Loymeyer said.

Lohmeyer is a critical piece of the sentry. His unique perspective and style is humbly appreciated by The Sentry.

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