Maren Leonard & Zoe Davis

Maren Leonard & Zoe Davis

By Zoe Davis

Staff Reporter

Is a hot dog a sandwich? This age-old question has plagued Americans for centuries, causing division and turmoil around the country. Millions of people stay awake every night, tossing and turning while pondering the correct answer. Sophomore and first year reporter Maren Leonard, however, has slept soundly for all sixteen years of her life. When asked what she thought about a hot dog being a sandwich, her answer was immediate.

“Absolutely not. It’s not two pieces of bread, it’s one. A sandwich has bread on the bottom and bread on the top. [A hot dog] bun is connected, so it’s one piece of bread,” Leonard said.

Her strong opinion on this controversy isn’t the only thing that makes her unique.

“I personally don’t like taking naps and I don’t need them. I can’t do it,” Leonard said.

Maybe it’s a good thing she doesn’t fall asleep in class, because Leonard’s favorite class is AP World History, which is notorious for being fast-paced and information-packed.

“I think it’s really interesting learning about different people and their time periods. I especially love learning about historical figures’ personalities and who they were as people, so they’re not just names in a book,” Leonard said.

Not only is Leonard a good student, but she also excels on the field. In addition to playing for our school’s field hockey team, Leonard plays for Arlington Travel Soccer. As JV captain of field hockey, she shows that she is a worthy opponent and strong leader on and off the field.

Sports aren’t the only thing she does in her free time. Leonard can also be found drinking an iced chai tea latte from Starbucks or baking in her kitchen.

“I like making cookies because I don’t like cake that much. It’s dry and the frosting is gross, but cookies are the best, and you can eat as many of them as you want,” Leonard said.

While Leonard might be a good baker, baking will probably not be the career she pursues in the future.

“I want to be either a fiction writer or a criminal prosecutor when I grow up. Being a criminal prosecutor, I would want to help people find justice and vicitm’s families find closure,” Leonard said.

Family is a huge part of Leonard’s life. She has a twin brother, Quinn, and while she generally enjoys being a twin, she admits there are some downsides.

“People assume you’re the same person, but our personalities are very different. I’m a little more outgoing than him. I’ll be called Quinn’s sister. That’s the hardest part [about being a twin], being assumed you’re one person,” Leonard said.

It’s no wonder the twins are so different; it would be difficult to match Leonard’s extroverted and friendly personality. With big brains and an even bigger passion for journalism, Leonard will no doubt be a valuable addition to The Yorktown Sentry this year.

By Maren Leonard

Staff Reporter

“The faster you run, the sooner you’re done,” a common phrase often uttered by sophomore and second-year reporter Zoe Davis. While this phrase mostly applies to her exhausting cross country races, it seems to encapsulate many areas of Davis’s life.

She is dedicated and driven, as shown in her plans for the future. When asked, Davis could see herself in many different challenging areas.

“Hopefully [I will be] doing something in politics or related to the environment, helping people, or owning a bakery in Lichtenstein,” Davis said.

However, her lofty goals in politics and pastry are not her singular focus. For instance, Davis takes great joy in humor, and when asked, will always supply a cringe-inducing dad joke.

“What’s the best part about Switzerland? I don’t know, but the flag’s a big plus,” Davis said.

While many people consider laughing at your own jokes in bad taste, Davis does not hold these reservations.

“I think my jokes are funny. I mean, I don’t know if anyone else thinks they are funny, but I do,” Davis said.

When she’s not telling jokes, you may find her at one of her many sports and activities. She is a member of the varsity lacrosse team at our school, and runs cross-country and indoor track. For fun, she plays on recreational soccer and basketball teams.

“I like all my sports, but especially rec soccer, because I can be bad at it and no one cares.” Davis said.

While Davis is a highly skilled athlete, that doesn’t save her from pre-game jitters. To alleviate her concerns, she follows a strict pattern of superstitions.

“I always have to wear mismatched socks. I can never say if something’s going well, I had to stop knocking on wood because I did it constantly. I’m so scared of jinxing myself. I think jinxing is very real,” Davis said.

Although Davis thrives in her busy and productive life, she still finds a variety of ways to slow down.
Her everyday form of relaxation includes listening to her extensive playlist, which she describes as happy but not obnoxiously so. In this spirit, her favorite song is “Harmony Hall” by Vampire Weekend.

Additionally, Davis enjoys baking and spending time with friends.

“I have a habit of stress-baking. Not just one batch though, like six batches [of cookies]. But it really relaxes me.” said Davis.

However, particularly stressful situations occasionally necessitate a getaway. Her grandparents’ house in Maine is a favored place of refuge.

“[My grandparents] have a lake outside their house, with a float. Lying [on the float], watching the stars, or in the winter, skating on that pond at sunset [are my favorite activities],” she said.

After an icy skate or swim, Davis enjoys curling up with her favorite movies, either Tangled or The Princess Bride.

These moments of quiet reflection may be the reason for Davis’s intuitive nature and her innate ability to determine a person’s character.

“I feel like I can read people pretty well, I can tell what someone’s vibe is. I’m normally right, I like to think. I can kind of figure someone out,” Davis said.

That quality is precisely what makes Davis such a valuable and adept member of The Yorktown Sentry. Despite her terrible jokes, we are so excited to see what she accomplishes this year.

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Zoe Davis
Zoe Davis, Reporter
Zoe Davis is a sophomore entering her second year on The Yorktown Sentry. She plays lacrosse and soccer, and in her free time she loves to bake and listen to music. She is so excited for another great year on the Sentry.
Maren Leonard
Maren Leonard, Reporter
Maren Leonard is a sophomore reporter entering her first year on staff. She plays soccer and field hockey and enjoys listening to music. She is so excited to write for the Sentry this year and engage with the community.

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