Brendan Schmitt & Jack Freeman

Brendan Schmitt & Jack Freeman

By Brendan Schmitt

Staff Reporter

Joining The Sentry for his first year, junior Jack Freeman is excited to improve his writing. He was recommended in ninth grade by his English teacher to join and decided he would this year. Already, he enjoys the flexibility that comes with the class, as he can easily work time into his schedule to write and research.

“I like it, there’s a lot of freedom,” Freeman said.

Although he could not name one class that stood out to him, if he had to teach one class at our school, he would teach gym.

Freeman’s avid interest in sports is one of many things that stands out about him. He is most excited to write in the Sports section and looks forward to highlighting a plethora of our school’s amazing sports teams, like hockey.

Freeman had a hard time choosing a singular favorite sport when asked, however he enjoys playing golf and basketball. He plays both competitively for our school. He also enjoys watching many sports and has a variety of favorite teams.

“My family, we’re all fans of the Milwaukee Bucks for basketball and the Green Bay Packers for football, and then we’re Capitals and Nationals fans for baseball and hockey,” Freeman said.

When asked about his favorite subject in school, he stated that there wasn’t one that stood out but there have been multiple teachers that he’s enjoyed having over the years.

“I had really good elementary school teachers. My middle school teachers weren’t that great, but Mr. Peacock, I liked him. [In high school, I’ve liked] Ms. Shearin, and I really liked Mr. Klein,” Freeman said.

Freeman lives by DJ Khaled’s famous quote, “Let’s go golfing,” as he loves to golf whenever he can. If he could travel anywhere in the world, he would go to Ireland because the country is very popular for golfing and is famous for its breathtakingly-beautiful courses. He has made a few golf related trips around the world, including a recent trip where he went to Rome to watch the Ryder Cup, a popular golf tournament.

Freeman also has a very broad taste when it comes to music but says he mostly listens to country. Some of his top artists in the genre include Luke Combs and Morgan Wallen.

If he could have any superpower in the world he would have the ability to fly. This seems like an obvious choice for Freeman, since he’s a very active person who is always moving.

“You can get wherever you want quickly,” Freeman said.

Freeman exudes an outgoing and happy demeanor wherever he goes. He looks forward to improving his writing skills over the year and learning more about journalism. A welcome addition to The Sentry, we look forward to seeing what he does.



By Jack Freeman

Staff Reporter

Not one, not two, but three. Junior reporter Brendan Schmitt is a triplet. Schmitt is beginning his second year on The Sentry with much excitement and he cannot wait to get started.

Schmitt is a leader on our school’s track and cross country teams and although he no longer does it competitively, he continues to enjoy playing soccer with his friends.

In his free time, he likes to read, hang out with friends, play sports and video games.

He has been writing for many years, and enjoys looking at and writing about current news events.

When asked about his motives for joining The Sentry, Schmitt replied saying, “my English teacher, Ms. Wiedemann, also who leads this class, said that I should join, and I’d heard about it through friends.”

When Schmitt was asked if there was one quote that meant something to him, he replied with a quote from Steve Prefontaine, an olympic long-distance runner, “To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.” Schmitt uses this quote to motivate him before his track and cross country meets.

He has many plans for his future, including attending college. When asked if there was a college Brendan really wanted to go to, he responded by saying Duke or Boston College.

Although Schmitt is a fan of many different subjects in school, there is one subject that stands out to him more than the rest.

“Right now, probably Physics. I like anything science related, so I liked Chemistry last year, Physics this year,” Schmitt said.

When asked where in the world he would like to visit, Schmitt replied saying that he wants to visit Switzerland. Although he does not ski as much as he would like to, he still wants to see the alps and its breathtaking views.

Schmitt has continuously grown in his writing since joining The Sentry, making sure every article is better than the last. He is excited for the year, looking forward to writing and reporting on many of our schools sports, especially soccer.

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Jack Freeman
Jack Freeman, Reporter
Jack Freeman is a junior in his first year on The Sentry. He is a member of the basketball and golf teams at Yorktown. In his free time he enjoys listening to music and hanging out with friends.
Brendan Schmitt
Brendan Schmitt, Reporter
Brendan Schmitt is a junior in his second year on The Sentry. He runs for our school’s cross country and track teams. He enjoys classes like physics and math. In his free time he enjoys listening to music, hanging out with friends, relaxing and reading.

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