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Coco Rigoli & Emily Snelbecker

Ella Claire Sadauskas

By Coco Rigoli

Staff Reporter

Sophomore Emily Snelbecker is excited for her first year with The Sentry. All of her unique experiences and opinions will shape her into an amazing reporter.

Snelbecker has always had a unique passion for music. This passion has led her to play many instruments including the violin, the piano and the guitar. Snelbecker enjoys her orchestra class, where she plays the violin and gets to spend time with her other music-loving friends.

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Not only does Snelbecker like to play music, she also loves listening to it. She enjoys music from all genres, but she especially loves one indie music playing artist.

“Julien Baker. She’s a singer and she’s amazing. Her interviews are always so interesting and she writes essays that are really cool. Her songs are really cool and she’s a really great guitarist,” Snelbecker said.

She is not only interested in listening to Baker’s music, but if given the chance, Snelbecker would jump at the opportunity to interview her.

“I feel like I could just ask her so many questions. That would be the coolest thing ever,” Snelbecker said.

Snelbecker’s passion for Julien Baker will never change, and her love for the Barbie movie will not either.

“It was the deepest movie I’ve ever seen, and it was hilarious. I want to write essays about that,” Snelbecker said.

When she is not filling her time with music, watching Barbie, or reading her favorite book, Every Last Word by Tamara Ireland Stone, Snelbecker spends time with her family. If her two sisters Katya and Sofia are not around, she loves to hang out with her cat, Lily. Snelbecker does not see life getting any better than Lily’s.

“[Cats] can sleep all day, and they do not have to do anything,” Snelbecker said.

Similar to wishing she could live the dream life of a cat, Snelbecker wishes she could go back to fifth grade.

“My teacher was amazing. I barely had any work. It was just a fun time,” Snelbecker said.

While Snelbecker believes cats and fifth graders can be lazy, she does not feel the same for the people at our school.

“When people are walking slowly in the hallways, I just get so incredibly mad. I don’t understand why people can’t fast forward,” Snelbecker said.

Even though Snelbecker can’t control these slow walkers, she wishes she could.

“I want to be able to manipulate probability because then I could have 100% probability of being able to do something and then I can basically do anything,” Snelbecker said.

Snelbecker is just starting her career on The Sentry, but it is already clear that her role in the class will be prominent. We are lucky to be welcoming such an amazing student and look forward to seeing Snelbecker grow as a reporter.


By Emily Snelbecker

Staff Reporter

Much like her diverse music taste, junior Corinne (Coco) Rigoli, the Style Editor for The Yorktown Sentry, is a well-rounded person with a variety of interests and opinions.

One topic that made her hesitate was how she would escape from the Immortal Snail, a fictional creature that endlessly tries to tag its victim.

“I’d probably try to run and maybe tire it out a little bit, and then if it doesn’t tire out, then I would hide, and if it did tire out I would try to attack it in some way so that it would stop hunting me,” Rigoli said.

On the subject of dread, she expresses her urgent desire for more horror in film.

“Maybe even [in] like Barbie or something… Just like, a jumpscare every now and then is so funny,” Rigoli said.

A less-concerning interest of hers is playing lacrosse. Unfortunately, she has had a few unusual injuries as a result. In her freshman year, she broke her wrist and couldn’t play in the state championship.

“It was kind of weird, because I didn’t even fall on it; I was playing defense and it just bent the wrong way,” Rigoli said.

On a more pleasant note, her favorite smell is fresh cookies and the smell of a new car.

In regards to judging others based on their favorite smells, Rigoli offered a respectable answer.

“I don’t want to say that I judge others, but if someone’s favorite smell is gasoline, I don’t think I’d be able to trust them,” Rigoli said.

In terms of her music taste, Rigoli enjoys a wide range of genres, including 2000s-era music, citing her older sister as a main influence.

“[My friends and I listen to] a lot of Rihanna,Taylor Swift and all that,” Rigoli said.

To organize her music, she has two specific playlists. One that she listens to while she runs, and a sad playlist which is made up of slow songs rather than sad songs. She has a general playlist made up of random favorites as well.

On the topic of pop culture, she enjoys watching the TV show Friends.

“It’s realistic, and has a lot of good messages in it too,” Rigoli said.

Besides writing for The Sentry, some other passions of Rigoli are math and science. Her favorite school assignment, a diorama that she made in 6th grade, was about the environment and how erosion affects bedrock.

One thing Rigoli is definitely not passionate about is Starbucks.

“[It’s] terrible…It’s super over-priced and the food and drinks aren’t very good,” Rigoli said.
Because of this, she would rather go to a cheaper place or even simply make a drink at home.

Rigoli also described the best Halloween costume that she’s ever seen, immediately recalling one worn by Heidi Klum, a judge on America’s Got Talent.

“She dressed up as an earthworm … it was crazy, she had face makeup on and a giant worm costume … it was so funny,” Rigoli said.

She also loves visiting New York City, and when Rigoli is older she wants to live there. She likes how there are many different people with different backgrounds.

“Being in that kind of place is something that I kind of look forward to,” Rigoli said.

The debate between cat and dog people is a common conversation starter that Rigoli believes can provide insight into one’s personality.

“I do think that there are definitely cat and dog people… I can see similarities in people who have cats and people who have dogs,” Rigoli said.

Currently, Rigoli does not play any instruments. In the past, she played piano but eventually gave up because lacrosse was too time-consuming. It was also exceedingly difficult to get piano lessons over Zoom.

“I’d love to get back into it because we still have a piano in my house and I can still do basic stuff, but I’d really love to get good at it again,” Rigoli said.

Rigoli brings thoughtful takes and a wealth of knowledge into her third year editing for The Yorktown Sentry, as well as her rightful hatred of Starbucks.

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About the Contributors
Emily Snelbecker, Reporter
Emily Snelbecker is a sophomore starting her first year with The Sentry. She enjoys playing piano and plays violin in Yorktown’s chamber orchestra. She has an electric guitar and sometimes practices for a few minutes before putting it away. She has a Siberian cat and talks about her constantly. Emily is excited to start writing for The Sentry.
Coco Rigoli, Style Editor
Coco Rigoli is a junior and Style Editor. Outside of school, she spends her time hanging out with friends and playing lacrosse. She has an amazing family with her parents, two sisters and dogs. She looks forward to an exciting third year on The Sentry!

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