Reese Colbert & Olivia Hays

Reese Colbert & Olivia Hays

By Olivia Hays
Staff Reporter

As head editor of our school’s student newspaper, senior Reese Colbert is committed to her second year on The Yorktown Sentry. However, The Sentry is not the only thing Colbert is committed to.

Colbert is the middle child, and consistently goes above and beyond in her obligations as an older and younger sister. Whether seaming clothes back together or running an errand, she’s the epitome of the perfect sibling.

Although deceitful stereotypes often view the middle child as a boring, grueling toll, Colbert is here to tell a different message.

“I feel like we need to spread the agenda more that middle children are the best, because it’s just like you’re in between.… It’s just right … and I love it,” Colbert said.

When asked what her favorite trait is, she responded, “my patience as an older sister. That’s something you develop as you get older.”.

“I used to get so annoyed with my younger brother. He knows that. He makes me drive him to school 20 minutes early every morning,” Colbert said.

Interestingly enough, she obliges. Although a task, Colbert looks forward to this time before school.

“[It is] a deep breath before a chaotic day,” Colbert said.

Colbert owes it to her younger brother, announcing that they rely on each other mutually.

“If it wasn’t for him I would not be at school early. I would be racing to school to get through the door… so it’s nice that he forces me to take a moment,” Colbert said.

Regarding her responsibilities as a younger sister, honorably, she compromises.

“If [my sister and I] are making cookies together we’ll put them in and take out the tray and take half of them off when they’re soft, and then she’ll put them back in and keep them in until they’re crunchy. So it’s like everyone gets what they want,.” Colbert said.

In-between classes, from cross country to Best Buddies to Art Club, she likes to “dabble.”

“I feel like that’s the best way to get to know people you would have never had a class with,” Colbert said.

After diving into Colbert’s busy life, one thing she constantly turns to is art.

“Ever since I was a little kid I’ve done art. I couldn’t imagine my life without it,” Colbert said.

After a day of juggling a colorful variety of activities, it is no surprise that Colbert aspires to beautify her world with color.

“Sometimes you just need to color. Does it always stay inside the lines? No. Am I that good at coloring? Probably not… but I enjoy it,” Colbert said.

Colbert incorporates these skills into her participation in The Sentry. An ambitious, reliable mentor for all members on staff, Colbert is always there, having patience for other people.



By Reese Colbert

Staff Reporter

There are two crucial things about junior Olivia Hays. The first is that she does not mess around when it comes to chocolate chip cookies.

“When someone claims to make the best chocolate chip cookies, I get dangerously competitive,” Hays said.

For Hays, cookies are not just a trend. Cookies are a lifestyle. Brands like Crumbl Cookies may bring attention to the dessert in the short-term, but Hays’ love for cookies outlasts any fad.

The second—and equally important—fact to note about Hays is her incredibly hardworking nature. Entering her first year on the paper, Hays has taken on more than just journalism in her high school career. From the varsity dive team to club gymnastics, she certainly enjoys staying active.

Although Hays’ laid back demeanor may seem at odds with her packed schedule, she still takes time for herself every once in a while. One of her preferred ways to decompress is by watching her favorite movies.

“I love Despicable Me. The first one, obviously. Or The Emperor’s New Groove. Or a Marvel movie, but there’s so many. It would have to be one of the old ones,” Hays said.

Movies are not only a way for Hays to relax, but also a way for her to connect with her family.

“My brother does an amazing Kronk accent,” Hays said.

As the youngest sibling in her family, Hays considers herself to be very family-oriented. Not only does she have two older siblings, but a labradoodle named Ruby as well.

“[Ruby’s] really cute when she’s super fluffy. She was just groomed, though, so she’s a little less cute,” Hays said.

From Hays’ love of baking, to her athletic prowess, it seems that the future holds endless opportunities for her.

However, when asked about her dream career, Hays quickly showed interest in sports media. The field seems to be a perfect blend of the journalistic skills and athletic knowledge that Hays possesses.

Hays brings to the table not only a bright and engaging personality, but an array of unique interests and talents. Her knack for journalism and top-tier cookies are sure to be an excellent addition to The Sentry this year.

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Reese Colbert, Head Editor
Reese Colbert is a senior and a Head Editor for The Sentry. She is excited for her second year on staff. In her free time, Reese enjoys reading and painting. Her favorite book is The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls. After school, Reese works as a cashier/froster at Nothing Bundt Cakes. She can’t wait to work with all of the reporters and photographers this year to produce great articles!

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