Overheard Conversations In the Hallway

Girls tell secrets in the halls
Girls tell secrets in the halls
Cammie Kuwana

In every hallway during passing periods there are all sorts of interesting conversations that take place between students. Topics vary from talking smack about teachers, to discussing how to avoid getting in trouble by parents. Step into the life of our school’s students with these snippets of conversations that took place during passing periods.


“Yeah, my parents were mad and couldn’t find me”

“Where were you?”

“I snuck out and slept over at a friends”


“He is so annoying, he doesn’t teach us and expects us to understand the test.”


“Don’t ever do that again that was really uncomfortable I did not enjoy that.”


“I have no recollection of that.”


“Girl, why are you playing?”


“I had to pay thirty-seven dollars for that.”


“He is not listening to what I am saying, it’s so frustrating.”


“We were sitting in the car and she said we need to have a conversation.”


“I just failed the science quiz.”


As you can see, there are some random conversations that take place in the halls. Be careful of what you say when people are around, you never know who could be listening.


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