How Newsworthy is Our School?

How Newsworthy is Our School?

At our school, everyone has a story to tell. From teachers to students, the halls are bursting with unique experiences and personal anecdotes. There is no better way to get a true impression of the school than by interviewing its members. After pressing record, there’s no telling what will come next.

Tenth grader Emi Bowers has a story that is certainly newsworthy. She has achieved every young gymnast’s greatest goal.  

“I’ve met Simone Biles twice,” Bowers said.

Of course, some people’s best stories don’t come from their own experiences. Sometimes our relationships with others produce the most newsworthy tales. This is true of Adam Sheppard, who teaches both English and Broadcast Journalism at our school. He is also a relative of one of ice cream’s most prolific figures.

 “My great aunt is the Robbins in Baskin Robbins. Didn’t help me much, but it helped her,” Sheppard said.

According to Sheppard, being a test subject for new ice cream flavors isn’t nearly as exciting as it may seem. Especially when that ice cream is pickle flavored.

Even if an experience isn’t completely life changing, it can still be newsworthy. This was proven by Jeffrey Stahl, a counselor at our school, who reminisced fondly on his short-lived acting career. 

“I was an extra in a movie a couple of years ago. Wonder Woman 1984. I was in the mall scene. Unfortunately, in the final cut I can’t see myself, so my acting career never took off,” Stahl said. 

Although Stahl would have made a fantastic actor, we are definitely grateful he stuck to counseling.

Our school certainly has no shortage of interesting stories. However, the most newsworthy material is without a doubt located within our school’s preschool.

Four-year-old Brogan had a fascinating fact about herself that she felt would be perfect for the newspaper—after a quick clarification on what a newspaper is. 

Me: Could you tell me a cool story about yourself that you think would be good for the newspaper?

Brogen: Yeah. I’m Brogen and I’m friends with snakes. 

Me: Snakes?

Brogen: And crocodiles.


Phinian, also age four, made sure to highlight his pets when asked what makes him newsworthy.

Me: Do you have any really cool stories about yourself that you think would be good for the newspaper?

Phinian: I have a cat.

Me: You have a cat?

Phinian: And a venomous snake.

Me: Wow. A venomous snake?

Phinian: And a cat.


Perhaps the most newsworthy story of the day came from five-year-old Evan. Although it is difficult to confirm the accuracy of this story, it’s definitely nail-biter.


Me: Do you have a special story that makes you newsworthy?

Evan: Hmmmm… I don’t know.

Me: It could be anything! Do you have a cool pet or a cool story that’s happened to you?

Evan: Can I just make stuff up?

Me: You want to make stuff up?

Evan: Yes.

Me: Give me your best story!

Evan: Once upon a time, there was a fluffy cloud… of death.

Me: Of what?

Evan: Of death. And it died.

Me: Oh my goodness.

Evan: And it ate every person. And it grow. It ate everyone in the whole world… but me. And I destroyed it. But it came back to life and ate everybody again. But I destroyed it again and again and again and again. 

Evan: Until… until you died. And it was very fun.

Me: So who were you friends with if it took everybody.

Evan: Well I was friends with dinosaurs. And snakes. 

Me: Wow.

Evan: Yeah. You probably don’t want to know what a dinosaur looks like.


Whether they’re sharing about famous relatives, cool experiences or entirely made up stories, there is no doubt that the unique lives of our students and staff make for fantastic reading. In the question of whether or not our school is newsworthy, it’s safe to say that the answer is yes.

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