Winning and Twinning: The Yorktown Sentry’s Twins

Winning and Twinning: The Yorktown Sentry’s Twins

Although twin births make up only 1 in 250 pregnancies, four people in the Sentry have either a twin or triplets in our class of 32. From attached at the hip to complete enemies, our twins are drastically different considering they’ve spent their entire lives together.

Lily and Luka Dezfulian:

The sophomore twins are anything but basic. While Luka claims he’s the better-dressed sibling, Lily’s artistic style makes her feel like she’s mentally, physically and spiritually better. Luckily, the roughest part of their relationship is the car ride to school. 

“He drives like a maniac, so getting to school is a problem, but while in school, I barely ever see him,” Lily Dezfulian said.

While they don’t have a problem with going to the same school, the debate of whether their best joint birthday party was laser tag or a giant bouncy house is still up in the air. 

Eric and Phillip Johnson:

Our esteemed photographer Eric Johnson and his brother Philip Johnson are the second set of twins in our Sentry class. While Eric has a passion for all things photography and sailing, Phillip finds joy elsewhere. 

“[I like to] bike, hang out with my friends, do random stuff, go for drives, and hike.” Phillip Johnson said. 

Going to school together isn’t all bad though. From messing around in class to bullying each other in the hallways, they enjoy spending time together for the most part.

Miles and Leila Mann:

On May 17th, 2005, Head Editor Miles Mann and his “solid and dependable” sister, Leila Mann, were born. While Leila can’t get enough of hiking and reading, Miles only “occasionally” plays basketball. Their most memorable birthday by far is when they went to the Arboretum, a massive curated garden in DC. They went and fed the koi while enjoying a truck cake.

“It was awesome,” Miles Mann said.

Brendan, Katherine and Ryan Schmitt:

Being the only triplets in the sophomore class, the Sentry is lucky to have one-third of the iconic trio. While first year reporter Brendan and his brother Ryan both run, Katherine likes her unique red hair and being the only girl. Although, Brendan and Ryan can agree their best birthday was a Cars-themed bowling party, none of them can agree on who is the most mature. As new drivers, the debate over who will drive to school each morning is quite frequent and trying to juggle one car between three teenagers is not an easy task.

If you think having to live with your sibling is hard enough, imagine having to go through school with your twin. For better or worse, these lucky nine have built-in best friends forever. 

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