School SoundCloud Successes


Sydney McMahon

Different artists have been using SoundCloud to publicize their work

Claire Kuwana, Sentry Staff Reporter

Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, Chance the Rapper and Tupac. All of these artists have one thing in common: each of their careers started off simply releasing music, unaware of the fact that one day, they would influence a new generation of artists. Today, new artists continue to emerge everyday, each one looking to make it big. Some of our school’s very own are making their mark on the music industry by sharing their music on platforms such as SoundCloud.


Each artist has his or her own reasons for producing music. Some were introduced to the idea by friends who serve as an audience as well as inspiration. Rapper HIGHKEYGOD became involved in music after The Sentry’s own Michael Lowen introduced him to a song produced by a group of college kids. Meanwhile, some have been inspired by artists that came before them, setting a precedent for many to come.


“It was kind of something that I just did because I had free time… [my inspiration would] have to be Cole Melly [a former student and SoundCloud rapper],” new rapper Yung Trop said.


Most of these artists publish their music on SoundCloud, a website that allows users to record, upload and share their original creations. For many, sharing music may just be a hobby. On the other hand, some artists aim to entertain their listeners. But above all, it is safe to say that all of these artists create music to have fun.


““My goal is to entertain and have fun, if you are not having fun you cannot be entertaining correctly…  I create not music but a vibe, so like imagine you are with some friends at a party, or just doing some group homework, I make that become a lit vibe with my music,” hip-hop and rap artist HIGHKEYGOD said.


Many student-artists have seen great success stem from their music. FendiFurCoat, who is known around school for a number of his raps, published a song that has been listened to 28,000 times. Despite this recent rise to fame, he has stayed humble, declining to comment on his success and requesting money in exchange for an interview.


Rap artist A$AP CIROC’s song “Hawaii” has over 10,000 listens, and he was even surrounded by his friends, who he referred to as interrupting “fans” during his interview. He sees himself still making music in the future, as it is something that is fun for him to create.


“I have always been listening to music my whole life, I love music… [my goal is] to make music that I enjoy and that other people enjoy,” A$AP CIROC said.


Many of these artists have collaborated, most often with other students, in the past. A$AP CIROC and artist JGE, who creates everything from rap to alternative rock to EDM, both cited each other as their favorite artist to work with. JGE has been making music since he was ten, and his dedication to his career is evident in both his creations and plans for the future.


“Helping others make music or working on film, those are the two routes that I see myself going down,” JGE said.


Another artist who has made great strides in his career is LVO, who produces electronic dance music (EDM), as well as progressive house and future bass songs. For about a year now, LVO has been hosting shows open to all ages, which many students attend.


“My friend group that I have, we all make music, so I always try to keep it going. And seeing other people, like big-time people, Martin Garrix and them, what they are doing now,” LVO said.


All of these young artists have proved to that world that they are determined to succeed, and they have set an example for everyone who wants to pursue his or her passion. Like those who came before them, they are simply releasing music, with the potential to influence a new generation of artists. Whether they are looking to make it big, or are just looking for an outlet of self-expression, the student body is lucky to have these models of creativity and perseverance to look to.