Artist of the Day: Julia Sachs

Our One Day Issues Artist of the Day, junior Julia Sachs

Anna Finley

Our One Day Issue’s Artist of the Day, junior Julia Sachs

Misha Putnam, Sentry Staff Reporter

Stomping into art teacher Virginia Teaford’s classroom at the end of her Advanced Placement (AP) Art History block felt like trespassing onto hallowed, creative ground.  That is, until I addressed her with a challenge: nominate an Artist of the Day to be spotlighted.  Not a moment of hesitation passed before she pointed three feet away from her and affirmed, “Julia.”  Two minutes later I was sitting in an empty corner of the art room talking to junior Julia Sachs, Yorktown’s Artist of the Day and student in both AP Art History and Art III.  In an engaging conversation about everything from hypothetical creative getaways to social media, I learned a little more about the winner of the prestigious Scholastic Art award and the artistic enigma that is Sachs.  


Q: So you’ve been selected as Yorktown’s Artist of the Day, how does that feel?

A: It’s really an honor, I’ve never been selected before so this is pretty cool.


Q: Why do you think your teacher nominated you for this position?

A: I’ve always been taking art and I’m really interested in it.  I’m thinking about going to art school in the future.


Q: What made you get into art enough to pursue it in college?

A: I’ve always been interested in art, sort of as a hands on learner. I have always loved drawing, especially people.  I guess I had a talent when I was younger and sort of started developing it as a hobby.


Q: Art is certainly not without its own stressors, do you think the deadlines help or hinder your creative process?

A: A lot of people think “Oh, art isn’t really a class, it’s super easy,” but it is difficult.  You have to come up with compositions and a piece that will work.  It’s pretty time consuming.


Q: How does it feel to win the Scholastic Art Award and have your piece printed on all the posters?

A: I was a little surprised at first because that particular picture was just a homework assignment, some watercolor and pen.  It didn’t take me very long.  It was kind of exciting to have someone recognize my work.


Q: From what artist do you draw most of your inspiration?

A: I’ve always really liked the impressionists, like Van Gogh and Picasso.  Contemporary artists are great too.  With social media it’s easy to just go and explore.


Q: I do actually follow you on Instagram and I love the pictures you post. What makes you decide what to post or not?

A: I think it’s important to not overthink it.  I just post what I want to post and I don’t really care what people think and I don’t care about likes.  Your social media doesn’t have to revolve around a certain aesthetic.  I mean, if you don’t like it you can delete it and that’s how I do it.


Q: Do you use social media as a way to get your artwork out there or for critique?

A: I do it more for myself.  I like having almost a virtual portfolio.


Q: In critiquing art do you think you develop a real eye for what good art is, what works, what doesn’t, etc.?

A: My classmates inspire me a lot. Doing critique helps by getting a second set of eyes to figure out what needs work.


Q: What kind of opportunities are you pursuing in the world of art?

A: I think I am a little self-conscious about my artwork.  My portfolio is always a work in progress and it does feel good when people recognize my work.  I’m looking to develop my artwork more in the future, but I don’t really know what that means yet.


Q: Do you have a particular piece of art that you feel expresses your style?

A: There was this acrylic painting I did of my friend and her mom when she was little, and it really shows the connection of the child with her mother.  I was pretty proud of it.  It was probably one of my strongest pieces from this year.


Q: Do you think your affinity for art is something that permeates throughout the rest of your life?

A: Yeah, I think so.  I’m a pretty creative and visual person so I like things like fashion and art.  Those are what I enjoy the most.


Q: Can you describe your perfect creative getaway?

A: Perhaps being on a beach, or even just in a coffeeshop with my sketchbook, drawing people with nothing else distracting me.


Q: Please predict how the rest of your day will pan out now that you’ve been selected as Yorktown’s artist of the day.

A: Well I’ll go to my classes and I will be sure to read this issue of the Sentry!


Q: Do you have any final comments for all your fans and admirers?

A: Just be yourself and be creative. Do what you love and don’t care what other people think. Don’t do it for the likes.