Second Semester in Five Words


Kate Cressey

Seniors Suzanne Dolan (left) and Elizabeth Romano (right) are feeling senioritis

Claire Kuwana, Sentry Staff Reporter

Second semester. Most people view this part of the year as a time for seniors to relax and enjoy their last days of high school. However, the second semester does not always live up to its expectations of being all fun and games. Some seniors make the most of the second semester, while others are simply unmotivated and completely ready to escape high school. Today, we found out what seniors really think.

“I don’t do any homework.” -Sutton Coyle

“Hard to come to school.” -Sissy Davis

“Easy… yeah that is it.” -Alex Chinbot

“I have absolutely no motivation.” -Anna Hughes

“Easy, simple, fun, enjoyable, awesome.” -Jake Gerlach

“I lap more than class.” -Emma Thurman

“I hang out on weekdays.” -Zach Kahn

“Grades, not good… Me, good.” -Suzanne Dolan

“Stressful, fun, relaxing, annoying, fast.” -Julia Macnamara

“Don’t want to do anything.” -Ryan Lesmez

“I take so many laps.” – Elizabeth Romano

“I don’t ever take showers.” -Tommy Casey

“Fun… relaxing, barely any studying.” -Kelly Emson

“I don’t care about anything.” -Bill Stewart

“Man I’m just pretty tired.” -Kate Grattan

“Do colleges see final grades?” -Sam Wall