Day in the Life of Kip Davis


Natalie Poole

Veteran Resource Officer Kip Davis

Elizabeth Noe, Sentry Staff Reporter

The title “Resource Officer” is, for some, quite the mystery. Resource Officers do not have an office; rather, they cover the entire school, keeping students safe and focused by keeping the necessary doors to the school locked, clearing out stragglers from the hallways and herding them to class. They are also available to sort out any issues within the school, helping out the teachers and administrators by removing disruptive students or providing information. The Resource Officers of our school have very important behind-the-scenes jobs that keep the school running smoothly.

Kip Davis has worked at the school for 26 years. Before being appointed as a Resource Officer, Davis worked at a summer camp at this school. A student asked him for help in dealing with a custodian  they had had a problem with, and the then-Principal heard how well Davis handled the situation and offered him a job immediately.

First period and third period, Davis roams the first, second, and third floors looking for any students out of class, checking a few particular problem areas. He works on getting kids to class until the late bell rings. Second period, Davis can be found near the front entrance, where he goes to greet parents on their way in, and open the doors for people. During third period, Davis is the only one patrolling the hallways, so he is especially thorough. When Davis combs  the hallways, he tends to deal with situations by telling kids to either calm down and be less disruptive, or by telling them to move on to where they are supposed to be. Fourth, fifth and sixth period are the busiest periods for Davis. During these lunch periods, some of the kids get a bit rowdy with their free-time, so Davis can be counted on to keep the masses under control.

Davis said  he enjoys his job a great deal, and can “get up every morning and love coming to work… because [he] enjoys working with kids.”

He said that even when some kids are a bit “antagonistic,” he still enjoys his job, and helps them out with any smaller problems, referring to an administrator in serious cases. Students have even come back to the school after graduating just to visit Davis and thank him for the help he provided pertaining to personal matters.

Davis is more than a Resource Officer. He is coach for the Champions Together track team, for life-skills and special-needs students on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and he helps out the varsity baseball team on game nights. Over the summer, he runs a basketball camp for girls ages eight to fourteen, where he has met many girls who are now attending the school. He is also known as a “snack stealer” among the preschoolers who attend school at Yorktown, as Davis goes to visit them daily during their snack time. Davis does not have any children, but he is a father figure to a school of 1800 students.