The Ultimate Guide to Yorktown’s Water Fountains

The Ultimate Guide to Yorktowns Water Fountains

All over our school, water fountains are stationed in strategic points, easily accessible points for students to quench their thirst. The fountains vary in size, shape, taste of water and temperature, providing students with many opinions of which water fountains are superior. 

Starting with the first floor, there are a total of ten water fountains scattered around the floor, all of which are superior to the second and third floor fountains. Most are decently cold; the two located in the auxiliary and main gym are some of the best. However, they are not easily accessible, and they are mostly used by students in gym class when in need of a quick drink. 

The best fountain on the first floor is between the locker rooms. Its cool temperature and strong flow is preferable for most, and the bottle filler is an added bonus. It also offers two options for fountains, with one lower than the other for people who are shorter. 

On each floor, there is a fountain near the atrium stairs. All three are the lowest of the low when it comes to options for replenishment. None of the fountains are cold nor have a good flow, and during passing periods, it gets hard to drink from them because of how many people walk by. Although they all have bottle fillers, the bottles are filled with the same low quality water, and students are disappointed after taking a sip.

The second floor is tragically fighting the third floor for the bottom spot, and it’s winning. Although most students have more classes on the second and third floors, both have sub-par lineups. The second floor has a fountain in the physics hallway that does not even work, paired with one that is leaking located near the bathroom and teacher lounge. The leaking fountain has fallen from greatness; earlier in the year it was the best of the best, with a frigid temperature and strong stream. This has struck the hearts of students and left many in that area without the thirst-quenching abilities it once offered. 

The third floor has a few stars but, again, is very disappointing. The fountain that shines on this floor is located near the back stairs. It makes up for its somewhat weaker stream with a refreshing temperature, rivaling the second floor fountain in its prime. With a stronger stream it would have potential to be the best fountain in the school. 

Overall, our school offers a wide variety of fountains in many different places. They range greatly in quality and students over the years have learned which to avoid.

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