Aidan Lohmeyer and Brendan Schmitt

Aidan Lohmeyer and Brendan Schmitt

By Aidan Lohmeyer

Staff Reporter

Rising sophomore Brendan Schmitt is excited for his first year on The Sentry. When he’s not cracking open a book, listening to music or hanging out with his friends, Schmitt can often be found running cross country. 

“I don’t think most people enjoy the actual physical activity of running. It’s more the people you meet along the way that make it enjoyable,” Schmitt says. 

Aside from spending time on the track, Schmitt also enjoys traveling with his family on various unique vacations.

“I went on this cruise down to Mexico and the Grand Caymans. I swam with dolphins there,” Schmitt said. 

After hearing about The Sentry last year, Schmitt had been eager to join ever since.  

“I had heard people talking about it in my English class, and I really love Ms. Wiedemann, so I thought it could be super interesting, and I should give it a go,” Schmitt said.

Along with pursuing a personal interest in journalism, Schmitt is looking to work hard this year for his parents. 

“They have given me a chance and supported me through whatever I wanted to do,” Schmitt said.

As it’s his first year on staff, Schmitt hasn’t had the chance to try his hand in any sections yet. Based off his initial impressions of each article type, Schmitt seems interested in the news section. 

 “I think it would be really cool to write about events and things that are happening currently,” Schmitt said.

For someone who hopes to own a Ferrari or an Aston Martin one day, cars are still not Schmitts’ favorite vehicle. 

“I would love to be a pilot or geneticist when I’m older…. Flying seems really cool to me. After I saw Top Gun for the first time, I knew I wanted to pilot a plane one day,” Schmitt said. 

Although being a pilot is Schmitts’ first choice for his future job, he would be perfectly content with working as a geneticist. 

“Genetics really interests me so I think it would be really cool if I could change the world like cure cancer or something using genetics,” Schmitt said.

After only a brief conversation with Schmitt, his strong charismatic personality shines. The Sentry is extremely fortunate to have such a motivated and talented writer on staff this year.


By Brendan Schmitt

Staff Reporter

For Aidan Lohmeyer, a junior who’s on four different sports teams, it would seem hard to find time to do things besides endless practices, but Lohmeyer does just that. He somehow finds time to hang out with friends, write for The Yorktown Sentry, do homework and read. Going into his second year on The Sentry, he is looking forward to writing for News and Opinion. 

The main sport Lohmeyer focuses on is baseball. He plays for our school’s varsity team and plans to continue playing as far into the future as he can. If that doesn’t work out as a career, he is interested in becoming a doctor or a sports journalist.

“My mom works at NPR (National Public Radio), so she would have a lot of connections,” Lohmeyer said. 

Although he enjoys baseball, football is his favorite sport to watch. Lohmeyer wishes he had played football when he was younger, but he chose baseball instead. He is still very happy with his choice of the sport, though. His favorite team is the New England Patriots, he agrees his opinion is slightly controversial but he supports them because his dad is from Boston. 

“My family is a big football family,” Lohmeyer said. 

Lohmeyer lived in Georgia, but not the US state. He lived in the country of Georgia for three years. Before that, he lived in Albania and Kazakhstan for two years each. Lohmeyer fell in love with Georgian cuisine, and he had trouble putting into words how truly amazing it is. When he was in Georgia, he didn’t have access to English-speaking schools, so he had to enroll in a German school. There, he learned German and is now fluent. 

Lohmeyer joined The Sentry because he wanted to take a step up from English class and delve deeper into his favorite subject. Most of his love of English comes from his mom, but it also stems from his entire family. 

“My whole family is in English and journalism. My mom taught English 101 at Marymount, so she used to help me with English my whole life,” Lohmeyer said. 

With Lohmeyer’s love of English and journalism, The Sentry will be glad to have him as a reporter.