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Lexi Olsen, Ellie Prantner and Ella Claire Sadauskas

Lauren Fatouros

By Lexi Olsen

Photo Editor

Sentry photographer Ella Claire Sadauskas is happy to return for her second year on staff. As a sophomore, Sadauskas now feels that she has a better grip of the dynamics of the class and is excited to continue to learn.

“I think The Sentry has been a lot of fun, because I know some of the people going into it…. Last year I didn’t really know anyone in the class. I’m also just excited to take pictures for the class again,”  Sadauskas said.

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Besides The Sentry, Sadauskas is eager to learn more in the photography class she is taking and is hoping to join some clubs as well. Outside of the school building, Sadauskas shows off our school’s spirit as an avid member of the cheerleading team. 

“Outside of school, I have cheer pretty much every day, and it’s like all I have time to do.” Sadauskas said.

Sadauskas describes herself as creative and energetic. While she isn’t particularly sure what her future holds, she wants to use her strengths to their full potential. 

“I just know I don’t want to sit at an office all day; I need something that I can do outside,” Sadauskas said.

Sadauskas is a big fan of pop culture, both new and old. Despite being an avid lover of Taylor Swift, Sadauskas could not decide which of the singer’s albums were her favorite. However, she did enjoy Swift’s music in a popular new TV show this summer. 

“This summer I watched The Summer I Turned Pretty. It was a really good show and I started reading the book, but then I just forgot about it.” Sadauskas said.

Sadauskas is a flexible person with many interests who isn’t afraid to stray away from normalcy or routine. This can be seen even when it comes to the smaller things, such as her morning alarm. Her alarm clock song has been changed many times to be sure she never gets sick of Taylor Swift.

“I used to have songs as my alarm clock, but getting up in the morning is a negative thing so it kind of ruined the songs for me.” Sadauskas said.

Sadauskas’ creativity and enthusiasm for photography are valuable assets to The Sentry, and we are so lucky to have her in the class as she continues to explore her skills and utilize her passion.


By Ellie Prantner

Staff Photographer

Senior Lexi Olsen describes herself as creative, compassionate and independent. Olsen is a seasoned photographer serving as Photo Editor this year on The Sentry. Over her previous years of high school she has learned a lot. 

“It goes by fast which everyone will tell you, but just make the most of it, don’t stress about the little things, like drama and whatever, because it’s just not worth it,” Olsen said.

Olsen has made many amazing memories over the course of her high school career. She can’t choose a favorite. 

“I have a lot of good ones with Fiona and Claire, who are both in this class. Probably one of those, we’ve gone on a lot of trips together,” Olsen said.

Olsen enjoys travel. Two summers ago, she went on one of her all time favorite vacations to Switzerland, where one of the highlights was hiking. While this past summer didn’t involve any exciting trips, it was still rewarding. Olsen was working and making a difference. 

“I was an intern and that pretty much took up all my time. It was for an environmental company that makes dog treats out of crickets, which sounds really funny to some people but it was a great experience. I did marketing and sales for them,” Olsen said.

Olsen likes to be active. She has run cross country since 8th grade, and likes to use it as an outlet if she’s ever having a bad day. Olsen also isn’t afraid to take charge. She runs an environmental club at Yorktown and is the type of individual who prefers to lead class projects, unless it’s math.

One person Olsen looks up to is her sister. 

“She’s in college right now, so I don’t see her often, but she’s always been someone I look up to, and someone who is my role model,” Olsen said.

While she doesn’t know exactly what college she wants to go to, it has to be in a city, and she plans on majoring in environmental studies and marketing. Olsen also plans on living in a city after college, preferably London. In addition, Olsen loves music.

“I’m very into music and concerts, my favorite artist is Lorde. I just went to her concert on the first day of school actually. It was very fun,” Olsen said.

Olsen is very well-rounded and brings a wealth of creativity and expertise to our photographers here at The Sentry. 


By Ella Claire Sadauskas

Staff Photographer

Sophomore Ellie Prantner is an organized student and first year photographer for The Sentry. Prantner is also a passionate hockey player. 

“I play ice hockey and I don’t really know if I was ever inspired to play the sport, my parents started me in hockey, and I just liked it, so I kept playing,” Prantner said. 

She spends most days at practice, so Prantner barely has any free time. However, she tore her Ulnar Collateral Ligament (UCL) playing in her team’s training camp, causing her to have more time to herself.  

“I’m going to focus on my homework, because that is very important, and I’m going to have a good year academically this year,” Prantner said. 

Originally, Prantner had a very neutral opinion about our school. With the change to the new schedule, she likes school slightly less. 

“I obviously don’t like going to school, [but I] like having friends in all my classes. [It] makes it more enjoyable. I do wish that they had shortened the school day instead of making it longer,” Prantner said.

Inside school, Prantner’s favorite school project was in first grade.

“We made these dioramas. It’s a shoe box and you chose an animal to research and you made it a little environment in a shoe box. I did a leopard, and it was super fun,” Prantner said. 

If she were to give advice to incoming freshmen, Prantner wants them to stay organized. 

“Organization is very important, because last year I did not stay organized and on top of every assignment, and it’s so easy to get behind in school,” Prantner said.

After her high school years, Prantner has many goals for the future. 

“I want to go to at least a four year college to get the whole college experience, and I want to play at least Division 1 or Division 3 hockey in college to get a scholarship,” Prantner said.

She is excited to work in The Sentry, taking photos.

“Probably since I’m a photographer, taking pictures and just being involved in this, it just seems really fun, all the relationships you get to make and keep throughout your high school career,” Prantner said. 

Without a doubt, this class will benefit with Prantner’s help. Her skills in photography and passion for this class will be much appreciated.

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About the Contributors
Lexi Olsen, Photo Editor
Lexi Olsen is a senior and The Sentry’s Photo Editor. This is her second year on The Yorktown Sentry and she is so excited for an amazing year. She runs cross country and leads an environmental club at school. Outside of school she enjoys going to concerts, hiking, art and hanging out with friends.
Ellie Prantner, Photographer
Ellie Prantner is a sophomore photographer. This is her first year on staff for The Yorktown Sentry. In addition to photography, Ellie likes playing competitive ice hockey for both our school’s team and The Washington Pride. She also loves to travel, and her favorite place she’s traveled to is Sweden.
Ella Claire Sadauskas, Photography Editor
Ella Claire Sadauskas is a sophomore and photographer for The Yorktown Sentry. This is her second year on The Sentry, and she loves taking all sorts of pictures. Outside of class, she is on our school’s cheer team.

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