Lauren Fatouros and Eric Johnson

Lauren Fatouros and Eric Johnson

By Lauren Fatouros

Staff Photographer

There is no industry quite like the barbeque industry. A classic Arlingtonian barbeque restaurant is Rocklands; behind a pile of Rocklands’ pulled pork and cornbread, you will find senior photographer Eric Johnson.

Johnson spent his summer greeting customers, taking orders, and most importantly, making sweet and smoky sauce, his favorite of Rocklands’ sauces. Despite the excitement around his summer job, Johnson’s bound for a future beyond the constraints of the kitchen.

“I have a plan to go to college and get a dual major in math and physics and then get a doctorate in physics, but we’ll see if that works out,” Johnson said.

While Johnson has high STEM-focused ambitions, his passion for photography led him to The Sentry.  With experience in street and studio photography, Johnson is excited to test his skills in a new environment. Johnson is ready to take on photography in a photojournalistic way, which he describes to be more challenging than what he is used to. 

“You need the shot, and if you don’t get the shot, you don’t get the shot,” Johnson said.

Outside of photography, Johnson is an avid sailor.  His dad introduced him to sailing at a young age. Since then, he has had the opportunity to sail all along the east coast, winning a few regattas along the way.  When he’s not sailing or doing physics problems, Johnson spends his free time building a hiking dynasty within our school.

“I’m the president of hiking club. It’s my second year as president, and we’ve grown a lot, and I’m proud of that,” Johnson said.

Johnson has had big dreams since a young age, and he is now checking off all the boxes. Despite his increased commitment load, he has been able to live a life that would make his 5-year-old self proud.

“I’m doing stuff I never saw myself doing, and I’m happy and have a future sorted out for me that I’m really digging,” Johnson said.

With The Sentry being the newest addition to his high school repertoire, Johnson is sure to become an asset with his photography experience.  Though Johnson sees the end of high school as bittersweet, his driven personality and goals will take him beyond our school.

“It’s like the end of the chapter is coming. I’m not unhappy about it, but also it’s sad,” Johnson said.


By Eric Johnson

Staff Photographer

As the 2022-2023 school year commences, staff photographer Lauren Fatouros starts the year determined and excited for her third and final year on The Sentry. With creative ideas in hand, she is looking forward to making this year her best year on staff. 

“I’m really looking forward to just being a leader in the class because it seems like there’s always been so many seniors and juniors and upperclassmen in the class, and this year we have a lot more new reporters, new photographers and a lot of underclassmen,” Fatouros said.   

However, with Fatouros wanting to leave her mark on she is feeling the pressure. 

“My biggest fear is probably failure, like letting people down; I just want to be successful,” Fatouros said. 

But it seems like one step for success for Fatouros is sleep. In order to be ready for the day as not only a student but also a decorated Varsity athlete, the optimal sleeping temperature aids Fatouros in her success.

“I would definitely say between, like 65 and 68 [degrees Fahrenheit],” Fatouros said.  

With a good night’s rest and a Nikon camera, Fatouros’ creativity is unbound. The catalyst of that creativity is, unexpectedly, dreams. 

“I feel like dreams have meanings because I think if you wake up the next morning, you remember your dream. It’s definitely significant and you’re going to tell people about it,” Fatouros said. 

Wanting to share her thoughts and ideas, photography has served as an outlet for Fatouros, and The Sentry has allowed her to share her art with a wider audience.

“I kind of like how it lets you be creative, but then also being in Sentry, you have a purpose to it.  Your photos are doing something to help the greater community,” Fatouros said. 

Outside of school and her duties as a photographer for The Sentry, Fatouros keeps to a rigorous schedule.  

“I swim a lot and then I also coach Girls on the Run. Occasionally, I help out with a few travel softball teams in the area for fun,” Fatouros said. 

The balance between school, college applications, sports and The Sentry is one that Lauren is used to, and she is excited for the challenges that she will face this year and to leave her impression on the staff and readers of The Sentry.