Zoe Davis and Molly Kaplow

Zoe Davis and Molly Kaplow

By Zoe Davis

Staff Reporter

If you ever need to buy a gift for Molly Kaplow, you’re in luck, because she has made it clear what she likes. A Meryl Streep tote bag or perhaps a Meryl Streep poster are both good options. While being interviewed, Kaplow brought up Streep’s name precisely four times in one minute. 

“I just know that at one point I was number one in the country for Meryl Streep trivia, ” Kaplow said. 

Meryl Streep trivia is not the only thing Kaplow is passionate about. Being a screenwriter is a huge dream for her, and not without good reason. Her twenty-eight-year-old brother has always been into screenwriting, which is a reason she loves it so much. 

“Since I was maybe six, my brother showed me a short film he’d made and the script he had made, and I was just like, ‘Oh, I wanna do that.’ That’s what I need to do,” Kaplow said. 

When asked what screenwriter she would most like to collaborate with, she chose her brother because of their shared love of screenwriting and similar personalities. 

“I think it would be interesting to see how our creative processes differ,” Kaplow said. 

Screenwriting isn’t the only thing she has in common with her family. 

“We really like music. I play a few instruments, my dad plays a guitar, my little sister sings and my mom sings,” Kaplow said. 

Electric guitar is an instrument she recently picked up, with Isn’t She Lovely by Stevie Wonder being her favorite song to play. However, as a senior, Kaplow doesn’t have much time for guitar between college applications and classes. 

When asked to reflect on what she wishes she could’ve done when she had more time during Covid, she immediately knew her answer. 

“I wish I had started a TikTok that was doing Covid activities, like day-in-the-life of tie-dying shirts or whatever other things people were doing. I had so much time to be TikTok famous,” Kaplow said.

Aside from wanting to take advantage of the opportunities that arose from Covid, she also wishes she could revisit sophomore year with the knowledge she has now. 

“I think I would revisit it because that was a very tough time and I think I would just go back and be like, oh, it’s going to be fine, it’s going to be okay in two years or whatever,” Kaplow said. 

Tough times were made easier with the help of Taylor Swift, an artist Kaplow loves. 

“I feel like when people want sad Taylor Swift, they’ll put on ‘Mirrorball’ or ‘All Too Well,’  but I just love ‘My Tears Ricochet.’ You want to cry when you put it on,” Kaplow said. 

However, Kaplow’s interests are not always unique. Greece, an uber popular vacation spot, is her dream vacation, something she credits partly to the movie Mamma Mia being based there. 

Kaplow is a very tolerant person, but there’s one major pet peeve she has where she draws the line. 

“I absolutely feel horrible when [people] don’t remember my name,” Kaplow said.

You better know her name, and not just because she hates when people forget it. Kaplow’s big ambitions are just the beginning of her bright future, and The Sentry is so lucky to have her passion and love of writing back for a fourth year. 


By Molly Kaplow

Style Editor

Avid Taylor Swift fan, dad joke enthusiast and iPhone 7 user Zoe Davis is entering her first year on The Sentry. As one of the few incoming freshmen on staff, Davis will be an essential addition to the class. It is clear that she will use her years on the paper as both a learning opportunity and a way to express her creativity. 

“I’m very opinionated, and I thought it would be fun to be able to write articles and see different perspectives on issues,” Davis said. 

Davis has a wide range of opinions, with one of her hottest takes being her hatred for a popular dessert. 

“I don’t like white chocolate. I absolutely won’t eat it. If you put it in front of me, I will not eat it,” Davis said. 

Despite her aversion to white chocolate, Davis is a huge fan of dark chocolate—so much so that she would get a tattoo in honor of it. 

“[My dream tattoo] would probably be on my ankle or my wrist and have something to do with chocolate, just because I love chocolate. Maybe an inspirational [quote] about chocolate,” Davis said. 

Davis’ passion for chocolate is admirable. It is clear that she can take the most mundane of topics and turn it into an attention-grabbing argument. She mirrors this talent in her love for Taylor Swift. She is a Swiftie at heart; though she is a Harry Styles fan, she believes that no artist compares to Swift. 

“I love Harry…but no matter what I’m feeling, [Taylor Swift] has an album for it. I listen to her with [my sister], which is some nice bonding ,” Davis said. 

While Swift’s music brings Davis and her older sister together, she admits that no relationship is without the occasional argument. 

“We definitely get along except for when it comes to me borrowing her clothes, because she has cooler clothes. It’s not my fault. I still have basic middle school style,” Davis said. 

Now that Davis is entering high school, she is using Swift’s diverse discography to prepare for these next four years. 

Fearless [represents] high school. Speak Now is a happy album. Hopefully I don’t reach my Reputation era anytime soon, but you know, we’ll see,” Davis said.

Though she is still settling into the high school atmosphere, Davis already has a plan for her life much farther in the future.

“In five years, I’ll be in college, hopefully somewhere in New England. In ten years, hopefully I’ll be doing something with the environment like helping people with lower income to combat climate change,” Davis said. 

Wherever the future does take her, it goes without saying that Davis’ obvious dedication and passion will take her far. The Sentry is excited to be a part of her journey.