Best Off Campus Lunch Spots

Best Off Campus Lunch Spots

Students’ senior year comes with new freedoms and opportunities. Many are eager to make the most of their final hurrah, taking advantage of a plethora of privileges. However, a privilege that could be considered a student-favorite is off-campus lunch. While leaving for lunch provides students with opportunities to diversify their palette from lunch provided by the school, it can be a stressful experience. Students need to make it back on time for class, while simultaneously getting sufficient nourishment for the rest of the day. 

There are several factors that must be considered when choosing a lunch spot. For starters, the restaurant needs to be in a close proximity to our school, so students are not speeding down Langston Boulevard trying to make it to class. Furthermore, taste needs to be of priority. Some restaurants are objectively better than others, and an effective guide to off-campus lunch needs to account for maximum student enjoyment. Learning takes brainpower and a good, nourishing meal is necessary to power students through the rest of the school day.

Each restaurant listed is rated according to the factors previously mentioned, featuring real times found by driving to and from each restaurant, drive-through and ordering included. 


McDonalds truly is fast food– a 14 minute 41 second trip is all that is needed to return to the senior lot with a bag full of food. Given the 40 minute lunch period and time taken to walk to and from the lot, that leaves around twenty minutes to eat and enjoy whatever McDonalds food one may choose. Evidently, McDonalds is a popular spot.

 “On a regular day, around 50 [Yorktown] students come in for lunch,” workers report. 


The Starbucks drive-through is one of the best options for off-campus lunch in terms of timing and efficiency. Located just 0.4 miles away from Yorktown, Starbucks is an extremely popular location and only a short trip of 11 minutes.

“During lunch, it feels like the whole school sometimes. There’s a lot of you guys,” Starbucks workers report. 

Furthermore, Starbucks is quick and simple to drink, minimizing the amount of hassle and time surrounding consuming  the food. While Starbucks is a good option in terms of efficiency, it might not provide the best nourishment for high school students exercising their body and brain throughout the day. 

Chesapeake Bagel Bakery

Chesapeake Bagel Bakery is a classic choice for Arlington locals. Bagels are arguably one of the best foods; Appeal for off-campus lunch is increased by the fact that Chesapeake is located in the Harrison shopping center, a mere two minute drive from the senior lot. In total, the trip to Chesapeake and back is timed at 11 minutes and two seconds, making it an ideal option for an off-campus lunch trip. 


Chipotle is renowned as a healthy, nutritious option. While that may be true and while Chipotle certainly provides students with a satisfying option for lunch, the timing can be an issue. A round trip starting and ending at the senior lot took approximately 19 minutes, giving students only ten or fifteen minutes to enjoy their food and still make it back to campus in the appropriate time. 

District Taco

For Arlingtonians, District Taco is another classic. The nutritious and delicious Mexican food which includes burritos, tacos and bowls is a great hunger-vanquishing lunch option. Furthermore, the trip can be completed in 12 minutes and 45 seconds, leaving students with sufficient time to eat their food. 

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