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Bergen Romness

Matthew Cornfield and Jack Cline, Sentry Staff Reporters

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Junior Matthew Cornfield has large aspirations and staunch opinions. As a student athlete, he has emerged as a leader on the school basketball and golf team. Along with his strong presence on the team, Cornfield has surrounded himself with a strong circle of friends. His outgoing personality is always appreciated by those close to him. He is widely regarded as the jokester amongst his inner circle.

When asked about his interest in traveling the world, Cornfield had aspirations about some distant lands.

“I would like to go to Japan. I have never been. I feel that it is a nation with a lot of character and technology. Possibly Africa too … the great migration in Tanzania. It would be a lot of fun,” Cornfield said.                                          

If given the chance to change a federal law, Cornfield was clear and concise.

“As president, I would get rid of the guns. I believe they are causing lots of problems. Obviously law enforcement should continue to carry it. Gun laws would be a big change I’d like to make in America,” Cornfield said.

Cornfield could not describe himself in three words, so he gave four.

“Outgoing, athletic, intellectual, modest,” Cornfield said.

Simply put, but certainly accurate because of his involvement in both sports and the Advanced Placement (AP) Scholars program.

Cornfield’s strong opinions came through when asked about his least favorite sports commentators.

“Bill Walton, I cannot stand him. I could go on all day on how I hate Bill Walton. Bill Walton is the worst commentator ever hired. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about, he’s biased, he’s weird, and his references are stupid. Next least favorite announcer(s), Troy Aikman and Joe Buck. They’re also very boring and biased,” Cornfield said.

Cornfield’s self-confidence was apparent while discussing the possibility of a new name.

“I wouldn’t, my name is who I am. It’s my family history,” Cornfield said.

Another example of Cornfield’s extraordinary personality is his ability to make time for family even with his limited time due to participation in extracurricular activities.

Many often wonder if the other members of The Sentry really appreciate Cornfield’s humor.

“Certainly. Well I’d describe my humor as witty, sarcastic … a little overboard at times,” Cornfield said.

Cornfield is patient about what is to come in the future, hoping that time will tell.

“I hope that in college I’ll find something I like. If I could choose it would definitely be around sports,” Cornfield said.

Cornfield’s protective side came through when discussing the unlikely event that he would fight with his close friend and Sentry reporter, Ryan Van Kirk.

“Since I’m such a modest guy, I’d let Ryan win. We all know who puts in more work at the gym, who’s better looking. He’s my best friend and I wouldn’t want to hurt him. If I got him mad enough he’d definitely win,” Cornfield said.

If stranded on an island, Cornfield shared his least favorite people to be stuck with.

“Bill Walton or Nick Warnement, because he’d argue over a lot of stuff and make fun of my ideas. He would definitely betray me to get off the island,” Cornfield said.

Adding to his conflict with Warnement, Cornfield also despises Nick’s favorite college sports team.

“Notre Dame sucks, thank you,” Cornfield said.

Throughout the years, Cornfield has grown to idolize many professional athletes.

“I would say … I try to model my game after Kobe Bryant. He’s had some off court issues but on the court he’s definitely one of the best. I’m also a big fan of John Wall, the hometown hero,” Cornfield said.

Cornfield’s passion for sports and charisma is apparent at all times. A devout follower of professional football, basketball and soccer, his ability to debate the latest news is extraordinary. Cornfield is often seen in shouting matches with close friends and teammates over the latest college football controversy. However, his strong appreciation for friends always seems to overpower any prior tension.



Junior Jack Cline will be enjoying his second year on staff with The Yorktown Sentry. He is a valued member of the team with his upbeat personality and unique writing abilities. Before he was welcomed back to school, Cline had quite an eventful summer.

“Well, I have to say that the coolest thing I did this summer was the Aachen to Arlington exchange where I spent two weeks in Germany with a group of kids from all across Arlington. It was great. [We did] a lot of outdoor activities, a lot of hikes, [and] overall [it was] just a fantastic experience,” Cline said.

Now that he is back into the groove of homework and Patriot Period, Cline has been looking forward to taking newspaper, of course, as well as history.

“This year I think that I will enjoy AP (Advanced Placement)  United States history with Bridwell the most. It is a lot of work but I have always enjoyed history,” Cline said.

For Cline, the best thing about school is not the workload nor the enjoyment of getting to see his friends everyday, but rather the freedom of our school and the hockey program.

“I am a member of the Yorktown Ice Hockey Club. I am currently the goaltender of the junior varsity team, and my goal for this year is to try and push my way on to the varsity squad. Besides hockey, my favorite thing about Yorktown is the freedom that students, like myself, enjoy everyday,” Cline said.

When he is not practicing hockey or hanging out with his friends, Cline can be found enjoying a film or being active in general.

“The last good movie I saw was It. It was very scary, but it was fantastic. If I am not watching movies then I usually like to spend my freetime being active and playing sports. I have a pet, and I like everything about my cocker spaniel-poodle mix, even having to take her on walks,” Cline said.

As he works out, practices or walks his beloved cocker spaniel-poodle mix, Cline always listens to music.

“My favorite type of music is rap. I am a big fan of J.Cole,” Cline said.

Cline clearly had a busy summer and spends most of his time outdoors; however, if he could have his perfect summer, Cline would be traveling to countries which he has never visited before and eating his favorite type of food.

“If I could go anywhere in the world I would like to see the Scandinavian countries along with Iceland. I would say that if I had to eat one type of food for the rest of my life it would be Asian food because it is very unique with different blends of spices and meats,” Cline said.

The cuisine and country do not exactly match up, but he could always just  order takeout. Cline loves being outdoors, being active and watching movies. He will have, yet again, a positive and powerful impact on The Sentry staff. His upbeat personality and cheerful attitude are easily admired by his fellow staff members and will set a great example for all of those new to the staff.

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