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Bergen Romness and Ryan Van Kirk

Emogen Kelly

Emogen Kelly

Bergen Romness and Ryan Van Kirk, Sentry Staff Reporters

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Junior Bergen Romness is a jack-of-all trades; she is a member of the Student Government Association, the Executive Board and two varsity sports teams. When asked to describe herself in three words, Romness said she was “outgoing, caring and hardworking.” Romness is entering her second year as a photographer on The Sentry.

New York is known for its bright lights and heavy traffic. The constant commotion is what Romness likes best about New York City; she also likes that she has the freedom to walk around and appreciate the city at anytime.

“I would live in New York because there is always something going on and something to do,” Romness said.

Romness is involved in many extracurriculars. She is the Vice President of the junior class, as well as a member of the field hockey and lacrosse teams. Even though she is committed to doing her job as Vice President, it is not her favorite extracurricular activity.

“I am involved in Best Buddies. I actually want to be more involved because it is really rewarding and fun,” Romness said.

When she is older, Romness would like to work in broadcast journalism. This is a form of news that is not printed, but instead spread electronically. Examples include radio and television broadcasting.

“I want to work in the sports industry… through broadcast journalism,” Romness said.

If Romness could do anything, she would like to travel to Australia, known for its natural beauty and their citizens relaxed approach to life. Romness wants to go to Australia because she loves the beaches and beautiful landscape.

“I’d go scuba diving and see animals, it’s somewhere I’ve always wanted to go because I love the beach and beachy activities,” Romness said.

Celebrities can be people we look up to; one example would be Blake Lively, an American actress, who is most well known for her role in Gossip Girl. Lively is also Romness’ favorite celebrity because of her kindness and charitable acts.

“I think she is really pretty and also really funny. She also seems like a genuinely good person,” Romness said.

If she could have any superpower, Romness would want the ability to remember everything that she sees. This would help her do well in school, something that is of the utmost importance to Romness.

“I wish I could be like the person from A.N.T. Farm, if I read something I would automatically remember it forever,” Romness said.

Often people look up to parents as role models; however, Romness looks up to her cousin. She admires her cousin’s kindness and genuity.

“My cousin who is a year older than me because I have always looked up to her and do what she has done… she is so nice,” Romness said.

Romness is an upstanding member of the the school community; she displays her hard work and dedication to making the school a better place everyday. These characteristics are greatly appreciated by the members of The Sentry and around the school.



Junior reporter Ryan Van Kirk will be returning to his second year on The Sentry staff. Typically, Van Kirk writes for the sports section since he is always up to date and informative about multiple sports. After a year’s worth of growth, he does not regret having his two best friends encourage him to apply.

“Matthew [Cornfield] and Nick [Warnement] recommended it to me and I thought it would be a good idea to join the newspaper and get involved with something in the school,” Van Kirk said.

When asked which subject he liked best, Van Kirk replied with the class he finds the most interesting.

“APUSH [Advanced Placement United States History] thus far. History has always been something that’s interested me,” Van Kirk said.

Van Kirk has a knowledgeable background in sports. He is an avid follower of both college and professional teams. Although he watches and plays a variety of sports, there is one that stands out to him the most.

“My favorite sport in general is basketball. And my favorite team is Notre Dame,” Van Kirk said.

For the future, Van Kirk has big aspirations. He hopes to graduate from Notre Dame and stay in the midwest afterwards. He plans to live somewhere in Chicago.

“It’s close to my favorite college and it’s my favorite city I’ve been to,” Van Kirk said.

While living in Chicago, Van Kirk plans on using his degree to pursue the fields he is passionate about.

“Maybe being an accountant or lawyer,” Van Kirk said.

Although Chicago may be Van Kirk’s ideal location, the weather does not necessarily agree with him. He knows the exact temperature suitable for him.

“70 degrees; it’s that point where you kind of can’t really feel it, like room temperature. It’s cool,” Van Kirk said.

Maybe he can settle somewhere in California or even Costa Rica! Regarding fears, these locations may not be suitable for Van Kirk. He has many fears, but there is one that stands above the others.

“Drowning. It’s so scary because you know you’re going to die but you can’t do anything about it, and you have to live through it for a period of time,” Van Kirk said.

Van Kirk is not the only child in the family. He has an older brother and an older sister. Being the youngest, Van Kirk is now the only child at home.

“My brother is a freshman at Villanova and my sister is a junior at Delaware. It’s really weird especially because I’m the quietest one in the family and my brother is really talkative, so the house is really quiet without him. It’s kind of awkward,” Van Kirk said.

Other than his siblings, Van Kirk’s parents play a big role in his life. No hesitation was shown when asked who Van Kirk’s role model was. He was quick to say that he looks up to his father a great amount.

“He’s a quality person that works really hard, and I admire that about him,” Van Kirk said.

The entire Sentry staff is excited to have Van Kirk back for another year. His hardworking and diligent attitude will contribute to another great paper.  

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