Coffeys and Couture in the Halls of Yorktown

Braedon Stone Is Pushing Our School’s Fashion Forward
Coffeys and Couture in the Halls of Yorktown

Yorktown, we have a future famous fashion designer in our midst. Braedon Stone is a student entrepreneur who owns the brand “coolguyswearcoffeys,” an innovative clothing line that combines the Rick Owens vibe with Vivienne Westwood style garments. His clever use of changing garment structure with snaps, buttons, and expanders combined with his streetwear edginess make his brand truly comparable to the biggest designers today. Stone sells anything from shoes to metalwork jewelry. But the origins of his brand can be traced back to Coffeys, a type of pants that started it all.

Coffeys from Stone’s second launch (@braedonstone)

“It started because I just wanted to be able to make a good pair of baggy pants. I also wanted to make them affordable,” Stone said.

Defined by Stone, Coffeys are loose pants made of a thick fabric. The pants can come in a variety of colors, from heathered blue to white to a baby pink. Coffeys are big in streetwear, sometimes paired with chunky belts and designer sneakers.

Stone’s interest in fashion, however, started way before the Coffeys.

“I’ve always liked getting dressed up since elementary school and middle school. I just always liked to wear funky stuff,” Stone said.

Some of his inspirations include Junya Watanabe, a technical designer that makes a variety of clothes, with a common staple in his new collection being patchwork. Kapital clothing is another one of his favorites, a Japanese company known for their unconventional pants and shorts.

Edmond Gebereselassie models Stone’s latest designs (@braedonstone)

In his interview, it was clear Stone had the fashion part down. In a cream-colored pair of his own Coffeys and subtle accessories that completed the outfit in an effortlessly cool way, his look clearly reflected his passion for clothing.

But starting a brand requires more than just interest. It takes an entrepreneurial spirit to bring a venture off the ground. Stone gained his business expertise like a true hustler.

“In 2020 I was selling these T-shirts, not even for a brand, right around election time — Kamala Harris T shirts actually. Just for quick money,” Stone said.

After attending a vendor show, Stone met someone who owned a jewelry brand. The man invited him to a lesson he was holding next week. When Stone was the only person that showed, he was offered an apprenticeship.

“Throughout all of quarantine I was going into his studio after my Zoom classes and I was making jewelry. I really fell in love with that,” Stone said.

Stone showcased designs for webbed boots on his instagram last year (@braedonstone)

With more experience than most beginner fashion designers at only 14 years old, Stone was well on his way to starting his own line in 2021.

“I thought ‘if I can make jewelry, I should be able to make clothes,’” Stone said.

With his money from selling Kamala Harris shirts and newfound confidence from his apprenticeship, Stone bought a sewing machine and set up a Depop. His first post, offering a pair of custom-made pants, immediately gained traction on the shopping app.

Stone then had the idea of a manufactured release. Without an LLC, he was forced to do pre-orders where the customer paid him first and then he paid for the production. Stone sold about 400 pairs of pants on this release, which was enough for him to apply for his business license.

In his following launch, Stone sold over 1400 pairs of pants. He continues to innovate this year, with another drop coming out February, including more than just jeans.

Stone’s pleated shorts (@braedonstone)

Stone has a vision for long, pleated denim shorts, reminiscent of the iconic Vivienne Westwood Anglomania x Lee Wallace kilt skirts. He is also working on a pair of boots with subtle web patterning on the toes, reminding me of an edgier Bottega Veneta knot boot.

The rise in popularity of his brand doesn’t come without consequences. With orders pouring in, he struggles to put the pieces out fast enough. This gives him a new mission for this year.

“My goal for 2024 is to just buy the whole factory that manufactures my stuff. I’d have to have time shifts at the factory and have my own employees, but it is doable,” Stone said.

It is clear this is only the beginning for Stone’s successful fashion career. As a senior, he has applied to various design schools such as Parsons, FIT, SCAD, and RISD. His dream is to study at Central Saint Martins in London, a world-renowned arts college with notable alumni Alexander McQueen and Stella McCartney.

The work to become a fashion designer doesn’t come without a challenge.

“I have to keep pushing myself to keep going every day and keep making stuff, but I still love it. And I’m very grateful,” Stone said.

A brilliant designer, humble soul, and hardworking businessman, Braedon Stone is surely a name we will see in a future New York Fashion Week. For now, he offers some advice for any student wanting to pursue their passion.

“If you don’t enjoy it, it’s not worth it. But with anything you enjoy, you will feel like you need to do it, and beautiful things will come out of it,” Stone said.

Shop his brand at, and make sure to follow his instagram, @coolguyswearcoffeys.

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