Need a Late Pass? Ask Campana and Perez

Need a Late Pass? Ask Campana and Perez

During your time at our school, you may find yourself coming in late on occasion. You can find the attendance office just outside the atrium for a tardy slip. Here resides attendance workers Constance Campana and Anai Perez.

This is Campana’s 31st year working in the Yorktown attendance office.

“It’s me and Ms. Perez here.… I’m here from 7:30-3:30…. we’re considered secretaries,” Campana said.

They’re signing kids in and out, excusing absences, answering calls and making small talk with the students. In regards to students, they’re always coming and going.

“4-6 [late] sheets a day, some days almost 2-3 before 9,” Campana said.

According to Campana, her favorite part of the job is exactly that: meeting and seeing the kids grow up as they come and go.

“I enjoy meeting the kids and getting to know families … all of a sudden you see a freshman hit a growth spurt and grow like six or seven inches,” Campana said.

Students are always coming in and out of the school unpredictably, so Campana prefers to eat in her office to ensure students are always being helped.

“Someone has to be [here],” Campana said.

However, it would seem that her work ethic and interpersonal skills are not Campana’s only admirable qualities. Not every day is she greeted with patient parents and students, yet Campana persists through the day with a positive attitude.

“I just let [them] roll off my back because they might have been having a bad day,” Campana said.

Regardless of who she’s working with, Campana patiently complies. Whether negotiating with tardy students or answering eager parents, Campana and Perez can always be found in the office.

Amongst the chaos of late arrivals and early dismissals, Campana and Perez are right where they need to be. No matter the task, you know where to find them.

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