Best VPNs At Our School

Ian O'Neal, Staff Reporter

When students walk into school at 8:19, the first thing they usually notice is the lack of cell-phone bars.This is because the school wants to hide student information from possible public networks. There are only a few VPNs that are free, safe and effective that students in our school can use in order to access school related or personal related information.

Arguably the most common VPN in our school is XVPN. This reliable VPN can access different locations which is helpful throughout the school. It is extremely easy to set up; just download it from the app store and go straight to the app, click and connect. XVPN is fast and easy and the most efficient way to connect before going on your phone on campus. It is very good for streaming services and social connection; however, if you are looking to make submissions on Canvas or to download a file, XVPN is not the best option.

If downloading important information like photos to your iCloud or sending your teacher an email, BetternetVPN is the best option for you. Betternet has many flaws to its VPN. It is effective, but there are too many ads and constant pop-ups asking for you to pay even though it is not required. Betternet VPN has an unclear way of signing up. It forces “memberships” when in reality, it is just an ad for the company. The connection is consistent but it can be better.

If you don’t mind paying a small fee, Hotspot Shield VPN would work the best for you. It works in any condition, easy to connect, no ads and no possibility of any breach or disconnectivity. While there is a free version, it does not give the same benefits as the one you have to pay for. This is a VPN that should be used for computers or at-home priorities.

VPNs on computers vary for each person. Many have not connected all school year and others can do anything without the use of GlobalProtect VPN. You are able to connect to GlobalProtect through your phone by downloading the app and signing into your student account. GlobalProtect works very well, but can get extremely annoying due to its constant issues with connecting with WiFi.

Overall, VPNs work differently for each person. Some deplete batteries but give the opportunity to socialize through social media or do school related activities on your phone. XVPN, Betternet, Hotspot Shield VPN and Global protect can all be as effective as each other, but it depends on the context of you using your phone.