Apple Music vs. Spotify

Coco Rigoli, Sentry Staff Reporter

Spotify and Apple Music are the most popular music platforms. Both have positives and negatives that make the platforms unique. 

When asked what their favorite platform was, 21 students said that they like Spotify the best. Eight students said they like Apple Music the best.

Many students use Spotify and Apple Music just because someone in their family has an account that they can use too.

“My dad had a premium Spotify account so I ended up using it,” junior Siena Bingham said.

“I use Apple Music because that’s the one my family bought,” freshman Olivia Stafford said.

People enjoy Apple Music and Spotify premium because they are advertisement-free and you can skip songs. People like regular Spotify less.

“Spotify is really annoying with all the ads,” freshman Ella Chapman said.

Freshman Katie Hadges prefers regular Spotify over Apple Music because she does not mind not being able to skip advertisements.

“I make my own playlists so I know there is a good song coming up,” Hadges said.

Sharing music with others is important to many students. Using Spotify makes this easier and more convenient.

“I like listening to other people’s playlists,” senior Sofia Snelbecker said.

“Spotify is my favorite because you can share playlists,” freshman Reese Clark said.

Both platforms are accessible and make it easy for students to find music that fits their tastes. Students find Spotify especially helpful when doing this.

“It is much better than the other ones by combining people’s taste into new playlists,” senior Anna Corcoran said.

“I like it when it makes customized playlists for you,” Alex Bruskin said.

Most students have one platform and they enjoy it because they have nothing to compare it to. 

“I like Apple Music because that’s the one I have,” freshman Maddie Matthews said.

“I like Spotify, but I have never had apple music so I guess I can’t really say,” freshman Ruby Hannigan said.

After the debate on the preferred music platform, most students chose Spotify. Though Spotify is most enjoyed, both Apple Music and Spotify are accessible and easy to use.