Sink or Sit: Your Official Chair Guide

Celeste Wetmore, Sentry Staff Reporter

As an expert sitter, I can attest to the quality and mood of each chair in our school. Whether you are interested in studying, napping or just playing around, our school has unique chairs for every purpose. 

If you want to lounge in a lawn chair and surround yourself with plants in the middle of winter, I know the perfect place for you. When meandering around the purple science hallway on the 3rd floor, take a left and you will find a quirky assortment of chairs along with a cactus and other plants, giving the space a relaxing natural feel. The biggest asset to this area is the lawn chair in the middle of our school. Sit back, relax and feel the sunshine soak into your skin (at least until a teacher walks by and you skedaddle before they can ask you where your pass is). 

When trying to actually get work done, you may prefer a more functional chair. The classic contraption of a chair connected with a desk is easily the most common type of seating in the school; found in every classroom, these seats have held countless students. This means they must be the best type of chair, right? Wrong. They sport minuscule desks which definitely cannot handle the weight of an overheating MacBook.

Our school’s students love their science classes, but this affection does not extend to the stools posted at each lab table. With minimal seating space and an absolute lack of back support, frustrating labs become even more unbearable due to your physical discomfort. Many students opt to stand as they weigh substances and heat beakers. 

If you have the pleasure of knowing English teacher Chrissy Wiedemann, then you have the delight of being acquainted with her chair collection. Wiedz has accumulated many seats over her 22 years at our school, including the comfiest lounge spot known to Arlington Public Schools. With an easily accessible outlet and the soft fabric holding your back in the best way possible, you can charge your computer and charge yourself by taking a quick nap.  

Finally, the unbeatable, fabulous and showstopping wheeled chairs. These high-tech rigs have every student thanking the guy in the 4th millennium who invented the wheel. 

“They’re fun to ride on,” senior Eddie Blumberg said.

Students in pod hallway classrooms vie for a chance to use one of these flawless contraptions. Even though recess was left in elementary school, racing friends down the hallway allows students to get energy out while aggravating teachers in adjacent classrooms.