A Taste of the Town: What are Students Listening to?

Matthew Wagner, Sentry Reporter

It is 10:43 and the hallways of Yorktown High School are packed with a rush of students, all on their way to different places. While our school is composed of students with vibrant personalities and different perspectives of the world, music works to bring our community together. 

Sophomore Sienna Olding was seen both listening and playing Etude 3 by Thomas Hartmen on her guitar. 

Junior Rawy Daowd was bumping What Happened to Virgil by Lil Durk.

Senior Dillon Segal was caught listening to Run it Up by Tyler the Creator. 

Sophomore Sam Bloomquist was enjoying Self Care by Mac Miller.

Junior Max Long was mobbin’ to Pop, a rap anthem by Singer/Songwriter Lil Uzi Vert

Ryan Zito was bumpin’ award winning Swedish death metal band named Arch Enemy on the way to school. 

Sophomore Simon Rubinstein had been seen playing I Wonder by Kanye West.

Freshman Corrina Barkoff was stopped whilst listening to Redbone by Childish Gambino.

Sophomore Connor Detrick was consuming X Wing by Denzel Curry.

Senior Muhsin Mohamed listened to For Tonight by Giveon 

Dr. Kevin Clark was listening to NPR on the way to our school this morning, but was enjoying the Lumineers last night. He specifically is fond of Olivia and Stubborn Love, both by the critically acclaimed band. 

Even though everyone seems to have a different taste in music, certain songs are very popular and loved by many. This can serve to unite the extremely unique and diverse community at our school.