Overheard at Yorktown

Yasmina Mansour, Opinion Editor

Yorktown is filled with interesting conversations, from groups of gossiping students to teachers dishing out piping hot tea to their colleagues. Below is a comprehensive list of the best quotes I overheard today.


“I don’t expect you to eat a human, even if it is vegan.” 


“You’d make a perfect Patrick Bateman.”  


“God, this is going to be a mess — I can’t wait!” 


“No man is ever worth anything — except for Edward.” 


“Ahh yes, the fresh smell of student tears and desperation.”  


“Fake data is a move.” 


“Girl, I can meow too. You ain’t special.” 


“Can any of my intensified students answer this?”


“This is a capitalist scheme.” (talking about a math problem)


“Columbus is the capital of Ohio? Absolutely not. No.” 


“I’m going to go to UVM.” 


“If it’s good enough for Bernie [Sanders] it’s good enough for me.” 

“He went to UChicago?”