Anna Trainum and Yasmina Mansour

Yasmina Mansour (left) and Anna Trainum (right)
Yasmina Mansour (left) and Anna Trainum (right)
Ella McNamee

By Anna Trainum

Opinion Editor

Kale lover. Terrified of heights. Super-fan of vampire saga, Twilight. Sophomore Yasmina Mansour is a new addition to The Sentry staff, and her presence is much-enjoyed. While Mansour fits the mold of all four unique attributes, her interests go beyond what type of lettuce she prefers. Mansor is undeniably passionate, clever and likeable. With previous experience in the media field, Mansour is fitting into the class perfectly. She is well-acquainted with Al Jazeera English, a television news channel.

“I go behind the scenes a lot of Al Jazeera [English] because my dad works there. I get a lot of behind the scenes looks at local news and documentaries,” Mansour said. 

Mansour’s hard work ethic can be seen through her important “Game Of Life” decision: the college or career path. With a guaranteed higher-paying job, she chooses the college path in order to ensure financial stability. However, if Mansour could do any occupation, without any monetary consideration, she would choose to work in the nonprofit industry. 

“[I would] probably [do] nonprofit, volunteer work. Like with underprivileged communities. I do a lot of that work now since money is not a problem, but maybe in the future that is what I would want to do.”

Mansour is unquestionably a hardworking student with a contagiously positive attitude. Her addition to the class is based on her interest in the subject, but also, her friendships with other reporters. Looking ahead, Mansour is sure to make many more impactful relationships within The Sentry. 

Once the sophomore reporter graduates, she has major goals for the future. She looks forward to being an active member in the fight for cancer research after earning her degree. While she is not certain where she will be in ten years, and especially not fifty, Mansour has a rough outline for how she wishes her life to go. 

“In ten years, I think I will still be struggling through college, hopefully getting a medical degree. It is bold of us to assume that the world will survive fifty years, but hopefully retired, maybe traveling the world with grandchildren,” Masour said. 

Although Mansour may seem like a bold high school student with little to no fear about how the future will go, she has one fear that has always haunted her. 

“[My greatest fear is] heights. 100%. I am terrified of heights. I have been taken off of like high things so often by paramedics. It always happens.”

This gemini with a dream of making her bed in the morning is destined for success. Mansour wishes that she was naturally funny, but is obviously unaware of her quick-witted humor and shining personality. This year on The Sentry is sure to be full of unforgettable experiences, all of which Mansour will certainly contribute to.


By Yasmina Mansour

Staff Reporter

It is true what they say: great things do come in small packages. This includes The Sentry’s very own opinion editor, Anna Trainum. Being five feet is an easy way to blend into the crowd, but not for Trainum, who instead finds other ways to stand out. Her signature blonde bob may be easy to spot from a mile away, but her quick wit and fashion-forward style are what draw people to her.

While you can usually find her in a trendy and coordinated outfit, this fashionista can still appreciate the power of a simple tee and jeans.  

  “I have this vintage pair of Jordache jeans… so those with a white tee-shirt and gold necklaces and white sneakers [be]cause it could fit any occasion,” Trainum said when asked what outfit she would wear for the rest of her life. 

Trainum, however, would never trade her morals for a good outfit. She is strictly against fast fashion, inexpensive clothing mass-produced by laborers in hazardous settings and is pro sustainability. While she isn’t sure exactly what she wants to do in the future quite yet, she does know she wants to help the Earth in whatever way she can. 

 “I’ll know I’ve made it when I’ve made some sort of impact, I’m really interested in sustainability and the environment,”  Trainum said.  

 Being a senior, she still has some time before she starts changing the world. Currently, she spends her time doing competitive dance during the school year and swimming in the summer. Yet her favorite hobby, she confessed, is journaling.

 “This is very nerdy of me, but I really like journaling and bullet journaling. I’m obsessed with that, it’s my favorite thing to do, ever,” Trainum said.

 Like many other teens, Trainum also enjoys watching YouTube videos – but right now, you can find her rewatching Gilmore Girls, a show she admits being addicted too. The crazy but tight-knit town the show takes place in is also the one fictional world she would love to live in.

“I want to live in Stars Hollow where Gilmore Girls is filmed. It’s a weird small town… I just love it…. Everyone is friends and you’re right outside of New York,” Trainum said. 

She would undoubtedly fit right into Stars Hollow with her friendly and bubbly demeanor.

A believer in astrology, Trainum said her star signs perfectly encompass her personality. She is one of the lucky few who have not one but two-star signs.

“I’m a Leo-Virgo cusp, my birthday is August 23rd, which is the end of Leo and the beginning of Virgo,” Trainum said. 

While Leos are outgoing and want to be the center of attention, Virgos are type As and focused. The combination of the two makes Trainum a force to be reckoned with.

The world better watch out when Trainum graduates – her passion and charm are sure to get her far. Her fourth and final year on The Sentry is shaping up to be a promising one, which will undoubtedly be remembered for years to come. But for now, our school is lucky to have such a radiant personality to brighten up this year.

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