Ella McNamee and Brian McCarthy


Kevin Grieco

Ella McNamee (bottom left) and Brian McCarthy (top right)

By Brian McCarthy

Online Editor

A boat, some food and a good book. What these three things have in common is that they are the crucial items that sophomore photographer Ella McNamee would bring with her if she were deserted on a faraway island. Luckily for her, she is not stranded on a desert island. Instead, she is starting her second year on staff, and so far she is very glad that she joined The Sentry.

“I joined The Sentry because my older sister was on it and she would always talk about it … When I was in eighth grade she said I should apply, so I did and now it’s my favorite class,” McNamee said. 

Everyone who joins The Sentry ends up with this same opinion at some point and looks back on the class fondly. Her love for The Sentry is almost matched by the hate she feels for her least favorite subject.

“Definitely math, because I have always been pretty bad at math,” McNamee said.

After sitting through hours of math in a week, McNamee wants something to look forward to. On Fridays, she gets to enjoy her favorite part about our school.

“The football games because I like seeing my friends and it’s a fun way to end the week. It’s something that I can look forward to,” McNamee said. 

Like most people, McNamee loves to spend time with her friends. Since the school year is so busy, students such as McNamee often do not get the chance to spend time with their friends until summer comes around, which was what McNamee did.

“I went to South Carolina for a week with my friend. We had a great time. That was definitely my favorite part of the summer,” McNamee said. 

People often wish to travel or go on vacation for a long time, but lack the money to do so. If McNamee suddenly came into a large, completely legal pile of cash, that is exactly what she would do.

“If I had a billion dollars, I would probably travel around the world. I would go to Paris or Italy and just see everything that the world has to offer,” McNamee said. 

While most of her massive funds would go towards a worldwide expedition, some of that money would also go towards her dream car.

“My dream car is a white Range Rover which is really basic. I think it looks really nice and clean. I really like it,” McNamee said.

This choice is an easy one, but life also comes with tough decisions. For example, the choice between either having no arms or no legs is impossible for most people. McNamee, however, was easily able to make a decision.

“I would rather have no arms because I dance so I feel like it would be very difficult to dance with a fake leg,” McNamee said. 

Luckily for McNamee, she faces no decision so severe at this moment. Instead, she is excited for another great year of taking photos for The Sentry.


By Ella McNamee

Staff Reporter

Senior Brian McCarthy is back and ready for his third and final year on The Sentry. This year, McCarthy is taking on a new role as online editor. He spent his summer working as a lifeguard, sleeping and hanging out with his brothers and friends. 

McCarthy is confident in many different things, especially the controversial question: is a hot dog a sandwich? McCarthy believes the answer is a definite no.

 “Anybody who thinks a hot dog is a sandwich is incorrect,” McCarthy said.

Although McCarthy is unsure of what college he will be attending, he already has an idea in mind of what he would like to study.

“I don’t exactly know where I would like to go yet, but I would love to study business,” McCarthy said. 

McCarthy’s favorite class is without a doubt The Sentry. Going into his last year on staff, McCarthy has thoroughly enjoyed each and every year. 

“I joined The Sentry because I always had a good grade in English. My parents told me that I should apply since writing has always been my strong suit,” McCarthy said.

Although he enjoys many aspects of the class, McCarthy loves the tight knit community and spending time with friends. 

“I have a lot of friends in the class, and I like hanging out with them at the end of the day. It’s a great class to look forward to, and it is always a ton of fun,” McCarthy said. 

The Sentry may be his most cherished class, but one class McCarthy does not look forward to is physics. 

“I really don’t like physics because a lot of the time it gets confusing. I often need help to figure out the problems,” McCarthy said.

If he wasn’t busy studying physics, McCarthy would be traveling. After traveling to many different places, he has determined his dream destination.

“If I could travel anywhere, I would go to a Carribean island that isn’t too crowded. I feel like if there are a ton of people there, it wouldn’t be very relaxing,” McCarthy said.

McCarthy describes himself as “nice, funny and easygoing.” We are excited to have McCarthy for his final year and to see what he will accomplish on the online front.