Ainsley Burke and Aidan Stroup


Kevin Grieco

Aidan Stroup (bottom left) and Ainsley Burke (top right)

By Aidan Stroup

Sports Editor

Sophomore Ainsley Burke is an avid fan of High School Musical, appreciates Mickey Mouse and is a new photographer for The Sentry. With a bright and easygoing personality, Burke is one of the new staff members and will make a great addition.

Burke is one of three children in her family and has a good relationship with both. She finds that they both have different attributes that make them likeable. 

“[Kate] helps me out more, but [Jack] is more fun to be around. Kate is 17 and Jack is 13,” Burke said.

Burke enjoys participating in sports during her free time and often finds them to be extremely time consuming.

“I play lacrosse, that is basically it because it takes up most of my time. I swim sometimes in the summer [and play] tennis occasionally,” Burke said.

In addition to playing sports, she also enjoys watching professional sports.

“My family likes the New England Patriots …  [and] for basketball we like the Celtics,” Burke said.

As previously mentioned Burke has an easygoing personality and is a laid back person. This can also be seen in the animal she would like to be.

“[I’d be a] panda because you just eat and sleep and chill. [I do not have] much energy,” Burke said.

As a photographer, Burke has a keen eye for aesthetics. This makes her career of choice at the moment unsurprising. 

“I would probably be an interior designer because it’s always interested me. Designing houses and organizing [things] … I’ve liked it since [I was in] third grade,” Burke said. 

Burke has a one sided opinion to add to the ongoing debate between Harry Potter and The Lord of The Rings.

“I prefer Harry Potter because I never read The Lord of the Rings. It’s an interesting book and it was written really well,” Burke said.

Burke is also a realist. When asked what planet was her favorite she did not have an extravagant response based on planet names or colors. She had a much more realistic and practical response.

“My favorite planet is earth because you can live on it,” Burke said. 

A simple, but perfect response that captures Burke’s personality. She is a great addition to The Sentry and is looking forward to a great year.


By Ainsley Burke

Staff Photographer

Aidan Stroup, The Sentry’s finest sports editor, is now a senior. And he is loving it.  

Being the sports editor is practically in Stroup’s blood: he’s a sports fanatic at heart. He follows many sports teams, however, if he had to pick one team to watch for the rest of his life it would be the Washington Nationals. Although he would have to sacrifice watching his favorite football team, the New Orleans Saints, Stroup said he gets the most satisfaction out of watching the Nationals. 

“There are 162 games of baseball a year, so that’d give me the most time to enjoy that sport,” Stroup said. 

Meeting Drew Brees always surpasses meeting Anthony Rendon in Stroup’s book. It is clear Stroup idolizes Brees’s family values and his compassion for the sport.

“He is just the way everyone should aspire to be like. Great father. Great person. He’s just almost perfect. As close to perfect as you can be,” Stroup said.

When a game is not on, you can catch Stroup hanging out with his family. Stroup is one of six lively siblings. It’s evident he has faith in each of them, as he was hesitant about choosing a sibling to survive on an island with.

“That’s a hard question…I don’t really have a preference. I think it would be harder to survive with either my 12-year-old brother or six-year-old sister, so I’d say either Maren, Kiernan or Grace,” Stroup said.

Stroup may not have his entire future laid out, but he does know his immediate plans.

When asked what he plans to pursue after high school, Stroup knows that he wants to go to college.                                                                                                                                                                                   

“[I’m] not sure what [I] would like to major in or what direction I’m going to take it in college but, I know that’s where I want to go and I don’t have much planned after that,” Stroup said. 

With many friends on The Sentry, it is evident that he is truly going to miss our school just as much as we will miss him.