Zoe Foose and Camille Kuwana


Ainsley Burke

Zoe Foose (left) and Camille Kuwana (right)

By Camille Kuwana

Photogaphy Editor

From school to the stables, sophomore reporter Zoe Foose always brings her compassion and admirable work ethic. And the one to thank for The Sentry’s newest addition? Fellow sophomore and Sentry staff reporter Evelyn Lowen.

“I joined The Sentry because one of my best friends Evelyn told me how fun it was and how much she learned last year…. I had Ms. Wiedemann [as a teacher] and she told me that my skills like editing and writing could be well used in The Sentry,” Foose said.

Foose clearly has an abundance of faith in her friends since she would also entrust one of them with her own survival. 

“If I were stranded on a deserted island, I would probably take Evelyn because I know her pretty well and she can keep me company,” Foose said.

Surprisingly, Foose would likely adapt to the situation better than most. The warm, sunny climate and serene atmosphere that accompany island life would be welcomed by Foose, who is a fan of summer and decompressing. If she had the ability to freeze time, this diligent student would take a well-deserved hiatus from school.

“[I would] focus on myself and have fun traveling and going to beaches,” Foose said. 

However, Foose is truly rooted in her love for the animals around her. 

“Every weekend I horseback ride, which is probably my favorite thing to do,” Foose said.

Of course, Foose’s love of animals has been ingrained in her from a young age. Coming from a family that fosters dogs and cats, Foose has had around 200 animals pass through her house. Currently, an impressive five pets—three dogs and two cats—reside in the Foose household. Caring for animals has had a substantial impact on Foose’s life and has been fundamental in shaping her interests and goals. 

“A horse trainer [would be my ideal job] because that’s something I’m really passionate about or pretty much anything involving animals,” Foose said. 

When prompted more about the future, Foose revealed she plans on moving elsewhere later in life. Although she loves Arlington, Foose admitted she feels drawn to more rural areas and mentioned Kentucky as having potential as a future home. This aligns with her love of horseback riding since the environment in Kentucky is much more conducive to an equestrian-centric lifestyle. 

Even as an avid horseback rider, this Sentry staff reporter does not identify with the animals she spends such a great deal of time with. 

“The animal that represents me best is a tiger because I can be really chill but also if something annoys me I get pretty mad,” Foose said.

However, Foose’s excitement and optimism for journalism assure us that this tiger-like behavior will not manifest itself during our eighth period. Regardless, The Sentry is lucky to welcome this new addition to the staff this year. Foose’s writing prowess and attentiveness to detail will surely lead to a successful first year as a reporter. 


By Zoe Foose

Sentry Staff Reporter

Whether it is playing lacrosse or field hockey, senior and photo editor Camille Kuwana keeps herself busy. Kuwana committed to the University of Chicago for lacrosse as a junior and excels both on the field and in the classroom. 

When asked what her plans after high school were, Kuwana said she wants to study many different topics. 

“I’m kind of all over the map but I definitely want to go into something with political science or environmental science and engineering. I’m hoping to maybe connect all of those once I’m at college,” Kuwana said. 

Kuwana is excited about being in the city of Chicago since she will have lots of things to experience. 

“It’s nice to be in a new place, though the February lacrosse practices will be frigid,” Kuwana said.

Kuwana is extremely thankful for her sister and role model Claire Kuwana, who was Sentry head editor for the 2017-18 school year and on staff for three years.

“My sister [is my role model] because we are really close and do a lot of the same things. I definitely am glad that she introduced The Sentry to me. I feel like through her I was able to learn a lot about the things that I like to do,” Kuwana said. 

Her older sister would always talk about how The Sentry was one big family, which Kuwana said made her want to be a part of the class. In addition to this family aspect, The Sentry would allow Kuwana to explore her passion for photography.

“I’ve always loved taking photos and I guess The Sentry was just a way to get a little bit of both [family and photography],” Kuwana said

If Kuwana could choose an animal to represent her personality, she would describe herself as a dolphin. 

“Dolphins get along well with others. They are very fun and just kind of swim around and do their own thing,” Kuwana said.

Though Kuwana doesn’t have one favorite genre of music, she can be found jamming out to country or pop while eating goldfish after a long day at school. In addition to listening to music, Kuwana’s free time is spent hanging out with friends, playing with her dogs and watching her favorite show, Criminal Minds.

The three things Kuwana said she cannot live without are her phone, a pony tail holder and caffeine. She hates the taste of coffee but a lack of caffeine can cause a usually cheerful and smiling Kuwana to feel sick and become very moody. 

Kuwana said the highlight of her junior year was her varsity lacrosse team making it to the state semi-finals. A torn ACL could not stop Kuwana from helping her team advance further than they ever had before. 

“It was really fun just to see our team go farther than we ever have. Especially at the end of the year when you’re kinda burnt out with school, it was nice to have something to look forward to everyday. The whole team was just very motivated,” Kuwana said. 

Kuwana’s thoughtfulness and skill in photography will surely be missed next year once she heads off to college. The Sentry is lucky to have such a great photo editor and is excited for Kuwana, who has an extremely promising future ahead.