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Movie remakes
Movie remakes
Cammie Kuwana

It has been discovered recently, that in Walt Disney’s will he stated that every Disney movie should be remade every ten years. This system was essentially created so that every generation could enjoy an updated version of his movies. This is a huge deal because now many new movies are coming. Disney has recently released the trailer for an updated Lion King and there is talk about a remake of the classic movie Dumbo. With this new statement, people are beginning to get excited about new movies in the future.

Although it is a very good idea and will keep Disney running strong, it may be hard to try and make movies live up to their original version. For example, with old classic movies it may be a challenge for older generations to see hope in the recreation. Overall it is a good idea as long as the movies continue to impress critics and audiences.

Many movies made by Disney have been forgotten about, but now they are beginning to be rewatched. Disney has made sequels to movies, but I do not think they will be as successful as remaking the classic ones. In my opinion, if Disney decided to remake movies like High School Musical, they could blow up quickly, especially because it has been over ten years since High School Musical 3. Remaking old films could really show people that movies are not boring just because they are old. A lot of people have not seen the movie Dumbo, but if they decided to remake it, then it could become much more well known in this generation.

The new Lion King has people very excited because changing from the original animated version, the movie is now more realistic. It will probably be hard to recreate a lot of movies because most of the classics do not have real-life animals in it. On the other hand, it will be easier for people to enjoy because it is more realistic in this day and age.

Movies that have already been remade have done pretty well in the movie industry. Cinderella exceeded the Rotten Tomatoes average of 70 percent and received a score of 84% It seems many people support the idea of remaking classic movies and there should not be much controversy when it comes to new movies. People are now wondering when the remake of Snow White will come out. Snow White is one of the oldest and most classic movies, so they really need to work hard to make it just as amazing as the classic one.

If Disney works hard and keeps the high reviews up, they can continue to be as successful as they have been in the past. Walt Disney’s will started a great system that will keep Disney up and running and I have no doubt that the new movies will be just as wonderful as the classics.


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