Matthew Cornfield and Maren Stroup

Matthew Cornfield and Maren Stroup

The new school year has brought along a new addition to The Sentry. Maren Stroup is looking forward to her first year as a reporter. However, Stroup does have some insight on to how The Sentry works; both her older sister Grace and older brother Aidan have been on staff. Being one of five children, Stroup understands the importance of family. Although she is the middle child, she enjoys being a part of a large family.

“I like having a lot of older and younger siblings,” Stroup said.

Most of her time is spent with her siblings so when asked on which sibling she would take with her to a deserted island, she had to pause and think of the pros and cons of each of them.

“I would go with Aidan, I guess. I feel like he is good at survival and he is smart and we also get along pretty well besides arguing sometimes,” Stroup said.

With lots of siblings come lots of responsibility, but nevertheless Stroup finds the time to do the things she loves the most.

“I like going in August with my family to my beach house at Bethany. We have family dinners with my grandparents. I also play tennis and do gymnastics,” Stroup said.

Although these hobbies take up most of Stroup’s free time, this summer she was also able to hang out with friends, go to the movies and eat lots of ice cream.

“ I saw Crazy Rich Asians this summer and it was really funny and I am glad I went,” Stroup said.

Just as movies are full of choices so is life. Whether to pour the milk or cereal in first is highly disputed; however, Stroup does not even think this is a question.

“I always pour cereal into the bowl first because that is just the way that you are supposed to do it,” Stroup said.

Not only does life contain lots of decisions, it is also filled with lots of emotions like fear. Just as the last question was answered without hesitation this one also required no thought from Stroup.

“I hate crickets the most because when I was younger my older siblings pulled a prank on me. Grace told me that there was a cricket on my shoulder so I started crying for her to get it off even though it was not there,” Stroup said.

As a staff we are lucky to have Stroup join us and it will be exciting to track her growth over this school year. She is following in her siblings’ footsteps, but it is clear that she will create her own path and bring a positive new perspective to our paper.  


As a senior, head editor Matthew Cornfield keeps himself busy by playing Varsity basketball and golf, in addition to maintaining many friendships through The Sentry. Cornfield answered who his favorite staff member from the graduating class of 2016 by saying that he said he loved everyone on staff, but Claire Kuwana holds a special place in his heart.

Cornfield loves to travel all around the world. He has been to many tropical places and said he enjoyed all of them.

“I’ve been to Peru and I went to Machu Picchu, Ecuador and the Galapagos. My favorite place was probably the Galapagos because of all the birds and animals and they’re not afraid of humans because its an uninhabited island and they’ve never seen humans before so you can take close up pictures,” Cornfield said.

In his free time, you can find him watching movies. Cornfield enjoys comedies and series like The Godfather.

“Wow, I like a lot of movies so that is a tough one, but I will go with Space Jam, maybe The Godfather one and two, not three. I could watch them over and over again,” Cornfield said.

When asked what his favorite type of junk food is, Cornfield said a McDonalds McChicken is one of the best. Cornfield also enjoys eating ice cream and ramen. Along with junk food, Cornfield has also had some weird food.

“I’ve had haggis, I think it’s cow intestines and it was disgusting,” Cornfield said.

Cornfield describes himself as a pretty normal eater and would rather not try weird foods. On the other hand, Cornfield has a love for multiple colors and loves the selection that crayons offer.

“If I was a crayon I think I’d be electric teal because it’s pretty and it’s a combination of a couple colors,” Cornfield said.

Along with a love for multiple colors, Cornfield likes a lot of his teachers from over the years. Especially Mr. Keith, Ms. Lindeman and Ms. Decker. Cornfield said that he really bonded with all three of them.

“Mr. Keith was the gym teacher and he let me and my friends play in the gym during lunch. Ms. Lindeman was my fourth grade teacher and she was a really good teacher. Ms. Decker I had in kindergarten and second grade and she was really nice and a good teacher and our families were close,” Cornfield said.

Although it is Cornfield’s last year on The Sentry, we are so lucky to have such a determined and helpful Head Editor.



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