Alex Brandolino and Claire Kuwana

Alex Brandolino and Claire Kuwana

As a sophomore and member of the varsity field hockey team, Claire Kuwana is motivated to work hard by her goal of getting into college, specifically Columbia University in New York City. Kuwana’s dedication to academic achievement and getting into college is reflected in her self-described “formal and lengthy” writing style and her advice to her freshman self.

“Learn how to manage your time well,” said Kuwana.

Although Kuwana is driven by her goals, she does not take herself too seriously, and has a laid back personality. Kuwana feels as though her friends view her as “pretty easy-going.” If Kuwana could change one thing about Yorktown, she would make the school’s schedule more easy going too.

“I would have [the school day] start later,” said Kuwana.

Kuwana demonstrates her her loyalty as a person by choosing to spend her precious free days with her friends, while many high school students would opt to catch up on sleep. Kuwana considers her friends to be the people at Yorktown who make a difference in her life and who fill her day with life. Kuwana takes pleasure in “getting to constantly see” her friends. Kuwana not only appreciates her peers but she also appreciates her family role model.

“My mom is a very caring person who puts others before herself,” said Kuwana.

Kuwana’s respect for her mom is a rare trait for a teenager. Kuwana takes nothing for granted and is very aware of how fortunate she is to have great friends and family.



Junior and third year Sentry staff member Alex Brandolino’s favorite movie, Dark Knight Rises, may tell the story of superhero Batman; however, Brandolino would choose to have the power of invisibility over a gadget-filled utility belt any day. A Sagittarius himself, Brandolino definitely fits the description of a skilled conversationalist and writer.

Brandolino easily showcases this talent in his favorite class, newspaper. His favorite part about the class and being a part of The Sentry staff is that it is the only class where “you can enjoy yourself and be challenged to go outside of your comfort zone,” all while getting to know every person in the class.

In addition to being the photo editor for The Sentry, Brandolino, who accurately describes himself as hardworking, plays on the soccer team, helps mentor incoming freshmen, and is his class secretary. Although it certainly seems as though Brandolino loves being involved in school, if he was granted three wishes, his first wish would be for it to be “summer all year.”  His other two wishes would include “more sleep” and “more wishes.” Sleep, summer and wishes, what else would a student ask for?

One reason Brandolino might want it to be summer all year long is to avoid other students who stop and block the entire hallway, which he describes as his pet peeve. Brandolino also dislikes brussel sprouts, which he chose as the one food he would outlaw if given the opportunity.

When asked to choose between dogs and cats, Brandolino was quick to answer “dogs, definitely.” His favorite breed is a poodle terrier mix because of his own dog who is, of course, a poodle terrier named Scout.

Brandolino’s favorite memory from this past summer was traveling to Delaware for Firefly Music Festival. Yet if he were given the chance to travel anywhere in the world, Brandolino would choose to travel to Africa and go on a safari.

Unfortunately, Brandolino may not get to spend this school year getting more sleep or traveling to Africa; however, The Sentry staff is lucky to have such a smart, dedicated and nice guy as a part of the team.

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