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Evelyn Lowen and Fiona Shepherd

Sophie Sprinkel

By Evelyn Lowen

Sentry Reporter

Junior Fiona Shepherd is eager to return to The Sentry for her second year as a reporter. Shepherd enjoys the freedom of being able to write and focus on topics she is truly passionate about. With the guidance of her teacher, editors, photographers and fellow reporters, she feels as though her writing continues to improve with each issue. 

“My favorite part of The Sentry is that it’s really independent, as far as you think of your story ideas and you can just pretty much write about whatever you want. I think that’s really fun and it does not exactly feel like school,” Shepherd said. 

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Outside of The Sentry and other classes, Shepherd can most likely be found jamming out on her electric guitar and singing along to her favorite artists, Joan Jett and Taylor Swift. Shepherd even said that her guitar would be one of three items she would bring with her to a deserted island. She studies classical voice and is interested in continuing on this path after high school. 

While Shepherd is a musical genius, she might receive some backlash regarding one of her opinions. Harries may be ready to brawl once they find out Shepherd is actually not a fan of Harry Styles. While many perceive this pop star to be a handsome and talented icon in the music industry, Shepherd thinks his music is average at best and does not find him attractive. She thinks her dislike of Styles stems from her disinterest in the boy band many were in love with, One Direction. 

“I know tons of people were obsessed with One Direction in elementary school, and that was definitely not me. I don’t even think I knew they existed,”Shepherd said. 

When not critiquing Styles and obsessing over 80s music and classic rock, Shepherd can most likely be found hiking with her dogs. Her ideal vacation would be a backpacking trip to Switzerland, where she could explore the Swiss Alps with the company of her beloved dogs. In her down time on this exotic vacation, Shepherd would hope to be reading classical or contemporary novels. Her favorite book is Normal People by Sally Rooney. 

Music, books and hiking is not where Shepherd’s interests end. As Shepherd looks into the future, she imagines what life would be like as a gene therapist. 

“I would love to be a scientist and I know there’s a job where you’re a gene therapist and you help people figure out what’s in their DNA and help coach them through that,” Shepherd said. 

While she loves biology and is fascinated by the makeup of DNA, Shepherd would love any opportunity to have a job focused on helping people. In her second year of psychology at school, she is also interested in becoming a clinical psychologist. 

Whichever path Shepherd chooses, she will prosper because of her hard work ethic and ability to make anyone smile. The Sentry is lucky to have Shepherd on staff this year, and it will be exciting to see what she can accomplish. 


By Fiona Shepherd

Sentry Reporter

The sudden transition from a year in a global pandemic to school in person has been a whirlwind of change, and for senior Evelyn Lowen, getting back into the swing of things is no different.

“Senior year has been good so far, and I’m definitely happy that we’re back in school now,” Lowen said. 

Starting out strong, Lowen is in the process of writing essays and completing college applications. Though it can be difficult, Lowen is looking forward to enjoying her senior year. 

“It’s been stressful trying to write all my supplemental college essays and things like that, but it’s been going pretty well. Hopefully I’ll have my applications done soon, and then I’ll be able to just focus on school and have fun,” Lowen said.  

The topic of college looms over the heads of many seniors, Lowen included, but she remains positive and knows what schools she would like to attend. 

“[University of Virginia] UVA and the University of Georgia are my top two [choices], along with University of North Carolina, University of Michigan, Wisconsin-Madison and North Carolina State University,” Lowen said. 

Each of these schools has a wide array of classes and fields of study that Lowen has expressed interest in. 

“Last year I took AP Psychology, and I really enjoyed that class. I was also thinking about business or engineering, and I know I want to get a minor in Spanish,” Lowen said. 

Though the college application process can be grueling, Lowen manages to find time for sports and hobbies. Lowen plays soccer for our school, and has participated in many different sports over the years. 

“I used to play travel soccer, since I was nine up until eighth grade, and then I stopped doing that to play lacrosse for Yorktown. I realized that wasn’t for me, so then I went back to soccer. I ended up making the team, so I’m playing for them now and it’s been really fun,” Lowen said.  

Lowen has many hobbies outside of school and sports, including spending time with her pets. 

“I have a cat and a dog, who I love so much. I take my dog for a lot of walks, especially with my friends,” Lowen said. 

When she’s not playing soccer or spending time with her pets and friends, Lowen can be found listening to some of her favorite tunes. Lowen’s music taste sets her apart from the rest of her family, who don’t seem to share a common interest in certain genres. 

“I like a lot of country music for no reason, and none of my family really likes country music. Taylor Swift is my go to, and I also really like Pitbull,” Lowen said.  

Though they do not agree on music tastes, Lowen and her family do share a common love of traveling. 

“My family and I love to travel. It’s very important to us to travel, especially to Spanish speaking countries, because my whole family is predominantly Spanish-speaking. It’s really fun to be able to travel to other countries and be able to communicate with people outside of our bubble in Arlington,” Lowen said. 

Lowen also enjoys a wide variety of movies and TV shows, with genres ranging from horror movies to reality TV. 

“One of my favorite TV shows is Monk. It’s a detective show. I also like a lot of Bachelor and Bachelorette shows—even though they’re so stupid, I think they’re really funny. I also [like] horror movies. The whole Conjuring series is one of my favorites,” Lowen said. 

As much as Lowen might enjoy watching her favorite movies and TV shows all day, the senior has school and classes to attend. Fortunately, The Yorktown Sentry is one of her favorites. Lowen was originally inspired to apply for the class because of her brothers, who were devoted Sentry members. 

“[When I joined the class] I was really scared because I knew the class was going to have a lot of upperclassmen, but it was really fun and everyone was super welcoming and inviting, so I never really felt scared. That’s my favorite part about The Sentry, how everyone is so open to talking to each other and supportive, and wants the paper to be the best version of itself,” Lowen said. 

As Lowen dives headfirst into senior year, The Sentry welcomes her as a skilled reporter and a valuable member of the class. 

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Evelyn Lowen, Reporter
Evelyn Lowen is a senior reporter in her third year on The Sentry. She enjoys writing for all sections, particularly the Style section. Evelyn plays travel soccer outside of school and spends her free time hanging out with friends as well as her cat and dog.
Fiona Shepherd, News Editor
Fiona Shepherd is a senior and the News Editor for The Yorktown Sentry. This is her third year on staff, and she is super excited to be returning to The Sentry family! She loves reading and reporting on local news and current events. Fiona runs for our school’s cross country team and likes to shop and eat good food in her spare time.

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