Unique Elective Opportunities

Eva Smith, Sentry Reporter

As students finalize their schedules for next year, they will be looking for interesting electives to take. There are numerous popular electives that students take every year, but many that are offered are not as well known. There are a variety of courses that are either overlooked or new to the curriculum this year. 

An intriguing elective is introduction to interior design. This class looks at architecture and housing styles in different ways. Design elements and what influences them are a big part of the class. Many projects incorporate principles of design. You will also explore careers in interior design.

“I really like to have as many hands-on projects as possible,” interior design teacher, Rosemary Molle, said.

Some of her favorite projects are making room accessories, memo boards and upcycling furniture. This subject is not well known by numerous students and Molle is fascinated by it. 

“I love the subject area. I always learn something new because every year different things are popular so trends are always changing,” Molle said.

This is a unique class and you will learn about different, interesting topics. Introduction to interior design requires no prerequisites and is open to all grade levels. 

A new class that has been added to the social studies electives list this year is African American Studies. You will explore the causes and consequences of the African American experience throughout history and expand your knowledge of cultural and historical influences. 

“The course traces the trials, tribulations and triumphs of race relations in the United States,” the state description of the course said. 

The Social Studies Department Chair, Diane Holland, believes that anyone who is interested in current events would be intrigued by this class. 

“We see [African American Studies] as an opportunity to think more deeply about some of the most important historical and social forces shaping our country,” Holland said. 

This is an important course that all students should consider taking. The class is available to tenth through 12th graders and does not require prerequisites. 

Sociology is another interesting elective that is offered at our school. You will participate in discussions about social structure and culture around the world. Social inequality will be covered and the changing of the social world will be explored throughout this course.  This class is offered to all grades and does not need any prerequisites. 

When looking at electives to take next school year make sure to take a deeper look into the course list and explore the unique electives that our school has to offer.