Sophie Currie – Annabel Hungate

Sophie and Annabel
Photo by Spencer Croft

By: Sophie Currie

Sentry Staff Reporter

Entering her senior year at Yorktown High School, Annabel Hungate is carrying a heavy academic load of Advanced Placement courses including AP physics. She is trying to figure out where all of her hard work and academic studies in high school will lead her in her college search and future profession. Like many seniors, it is still a work in progress.

A native Virginian, Hungate supports her sister’s college team, The University of Virginia Cavaliers. Hungate shows her local school spirit and enjoys sports at YHS. She plays on the Patriot’s Girl’s Varsity Volleyball Team.

Travel is a big part of Hungate’s life. She has traveled the globe and has visited exotic places. Her favorite destination is Hot Springs, Costa Rica. It is the one place that has left a lasting impression. Warm climates and beaches are her most enjoyable vacation spots. For summer fun this year she went to the beach with her friends. The Prime Meridian, found in Greenwich, London, England (where the east is divided from the west) is another site that Hungate lists among her favorites.

Ice cream wins hands down over frozen yogurt for Hungate. You could find her at Baskin Robins over Tutti Frutti any day. She is lured by her favorite Baskin Robins specialty, “Oreo cookie ice cream sundae, please!”

By: Annabel Hungate

Sentry Staff Reporter

Sophie Genvieve Currie was born February 23, 1997, into her family just as dusk began to break on that bitter cold February night. Connor, her oldest brother,was impatiently awaiting the arrival of his new sister, but sadly she was born past his bed time. All of Arlington Hospital grew silent as this beautiful baby girl was born. As Sophie grew older she found herself in the same position her brother was in just four years earlier; awaiting the birth of her younger sister, Louisa.

Nowadays Sophie lives the ecstatic lifestyle of a cross country, indoor and outdoor track star. Enjoying fall mostly for the cool weather, football games and cross country season. Although she did clarify that she was looking forward to journalism more than any of her other class. After questioned about her most embarrassing moment sheclaimed to have never thoroughly embarrassed herself. Later, her answer quickly changed when asked what reality television show sheʼd be on if she had the chance to choose she said,

“I would just embarrass myself if I went on wipe out.” (exclaimed sophie)

One article of clothing you will frequently find her wearing are scarves,

“because they add something to every outfit.”

For all you single guys out there Sophie is a classic girl whose idea of a perfect date is dinner and a movie, with ice cream afterwards if you are lucky. After all her favorite way to pass the time at home is to cuddle up with her dog, Felix, and watch a good movie on Netflix.