Mike Poppalardo – Kevin Finn

Kevin and Mike
Photo by Rachel Finley

By: Mike Poppalardo

Sentry Staff Reporter

Kevin Joseph Finn may seem quiet and reserved, but when it comes to writing, he has a lot to say. As a junior and a first year reporter on the Sentry staff, Finn hopes to be an asset to the The Sentry. Finn was born in Bethesda, Maryland on January 7 and has two brothers and one sister.  Finn joined The Sentry staff because he thinks it will be an easy A, but more importantly because he loves to write. Finn’s hardworking attitude and precision for accuracy will make him a favorite of The Sentry editors. His hobbies include writing, juggling, playing sports and many others.

Unlike his more gregarious peers, Finn has no awkward moments to share, which is very rare among the population of young teens.

“I just don’t put myself in embarrassing situations,” said Finn.

If Finn had one million dollars, he would buy his own private island because who would not want their own island? In the ongoing battle between boxers and briefs, Finn prefers boxers and Goldfish over Cheez-its. Finn, being a very unique man, when asked, “On a scale from 1-10, are you attracted to fruit?” answered “seven and a half.”

By: Kevin Finn

Sentry Staff Reporter

Michael Anthony Poppalardo Junior was born on Christmas 1996 in Alexandria, Virginia. Poppalardo is a graduate of Taylor Elementary School, class of 2008. Poppalardo swims and plays golf.  A self-described social outcast, Poppalardo has lived in Arlington his whole life and has two sisters, both older, one of whom did journalism. Poppalardo dreams of being a stay at home dad and has little intention of ever working but still intends to be a dedicated family man.

“My life dream is to grow up and be a house husband; I want to marry into wealth, and stay at home and watch football all day while my wife does all the work,” said Poppalardo.

Coincidently Poppalardo intends on marrying Kirby Nassetta some day.

“It’s all about her personality,” Poppalardo said.

Poppalardo is also interested in visiting Bora Bora, an island in the South Pacific.  Readers will be surprised to learn that Poppalardo spends only four minutes on his hair each morning.  Poppalardo is very concerned about the well being of the environment but still has a deep need for speed. However Poppalardo still maintains a clean driving record.  Poppalardo’s favorite pizza topping is the classic extra cheese and when asked whether he preferred a burrito or burrito bowl, Poppalardo responded by saying that burrito bowls are for women.

When asked to describe Lauren McCabe in one word Poppalardo responded by simply saying ‘beautiful’.