Andy Belilos – Alex Brandolino

Andy and Alex
Photo by Libby Boda

By Andy Belilos

Sentry Staff Reporter

Do Not Mess with “The Bear”

As a fan of the new Star Wars trilogy, specifically the second movie, freshman Alex “The Bear” Brandolino should probably leave that fact out if he is ever trying to make friends with anyone from the past generation.

When asked what animal he would compare himself to, Alex said he is similar to a bear, stating, “Yeah, I sleep a lot.”

While he may not have the best taste in cinema, there is certainly more to the soccer-playing and cross country-running freshman.

When asked whether he would be friends with himself if he was someone else, Brandolino stated that he probably would. However, he also added that he might be quite annoyed with himself at times. In addition, the five foot three and-a-half student would rather be cat woman than wonder woman because then he could scratch people. Watch out Gotham.

Are there any teenage boys whose dream date is not Kate Upton? Well, Brandolino is far from the exception of the rule, stating that he would love to go on a date with the Sports Illustrated model.

He did not have a lot to say when asked whether he would rather be “ripped” or “swole”, simply stating, “Being swole is better,”

While he may look nice on the outside, Brandolino may have a little vicious streak when it comes to pranks.

When asked what the funniest prank anybody has ever played on him was, he said with dead-set eyes, “No prank ever played on me is funny.”

Fellow freshman, take notice: keep the warm water and shaving cream away from Alex Brandolino.

By Alex Brandolino

Sentry Staff Reporter

In terms of sports, “A New York fan” is how Andy Belilos describes himself. While Belilos has never followed hockey or basketball, he is a Giants and Yankees fan. As a Giants fan, Belilos spends his Sunday afternoons watching the Giants. While this may be a pretty normal answer to how a guy spends his Sundays, most would not say they wished they could have watched the Giants in a different time period. When posed with the question, if you could go back to any time period what would it be, he answered,

“1950’s, 1960’s NFL when they were playing with leather helmets and everything, that would be pretty funny to see.”

Football, however, is not the only thing Andy likes to watch. “Shawshank Redemption” is Belilos’ favorite movie.

“I get that response (to the title) a lot…you gotta watch it, it’s great,” he said, since many have judged the movie by it’s title before hearing the storyline.

In short, according to Belilos, the movie is about a man that gets wrongly accused of murdering his wife, and the story is of how he gets redemption. When it comes to social media, Belilos is more of a fan of Twitter over Facebook.

“There’s just something about what’s going on with people in 140 characters, it’s always pretty funny.”
When it comes to the future, Belilos hopes to go to college and work in a city, but