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Oliva Klein
Oliva Klein
Cammie Kuwana

Student Body President and lacrosse player Olivia Klein is a very active student. She strives to do everything she can in her high school years, and she is only in the middle of her junior year. Some students do not know exactly what being the student body president means, but Klein summed up her role nicely.

“I am the Student Body President… It is a really fun opportunity and really helps me enjoy working with my peers. We have meetings for the Executive Board, and every Monday we talk about ways to fundraise or ways to increase the school spirit [as well as] things that impact the general community,” Klein said.

Klein participates in many different activities as a student. Klein is a leader in several ways and takes part in the Model General Assembly club along with playing lacrosse and being the student body president. Raising school spirit and meeting new people are the most important things to her. Different clubs and activities come with meeting people from many different backgrounds.

“I got to meet some of the other leaders at other Arlington County schools. Some of the student leaders at Washington-Liberty, Wakefield and H-B Woodlawn High Schools are really cool,” Klein said.

On the other hand, Klein loves to interact with new people and have different experiences. She is not afraid to branch out of her comfort zone and does things to help the school and the overall community. Klein is what you would call a “people person.” She has had many goals while in her position.

“I really wanted to get to know the student body and practice leadership,” Klein said.

Not many people step up and decide they want to be a person that most students know, but Klein was not intimidated. She participates in three after-school activities while also focusing on doing well in her junior year. There are definitely perks of having a role in leadership.

“I am just much more aware of all my peers … and associating people with different clubs. I am also noticing how many people with different backgrounds are here,” Klein said.

Klein is an activist and makes efforts to improve the school environment. Her goals are to create a better school spirit, support inclusiveness and meet new people whenever she can. She is a hard worker and is putting in a great effort to make this school a better and more open community.

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